Harry Potter: A Twin at Stake

Harry Potter had finished his first encounter with Lord Voldemort, since he was a child. Then Professor Dumbledore explains that Harry doesn't have just his Uncle, Aunt and cousin as family. He has a twin as well. Harry's twin has been with him on every single of his adventures, which brings these twins together. But, when the Triwizard Tournament comes, to Harry's disgrace, his sister has been chosen to fight with him, putting them both in great danger. (These plots are mainly by J.K Rowling, I may have mixed the events a little. Also a special thanks to Herleen28 for th cover!)


29. Having a Wonderful Conversation with Your Sister

Harry Potter just stood there trying to think of what do say. His sister could probably hear his thoughts, and he could hear hers. Having a twin sister is AMAZING for wizard and witches. But for Harry, his sister is practically his life. 

"Harry." Harry heard his sister Scarlett's voice in his head. "Yeah." He replied. "How's the Dursleys?" Scarlett asked. 

"Horrible. He replied.

"Anything new?" Scarlett asked. 

"Aunt Marge is coming over." Harry said. 

"Another muggle? You'd better behave yourself! You need that Hogsmade permission slip signed!" Scarlett told him.

 "It's really annoying when you try to be my mother." Harry said.

"Well if I don't, who will?" Scarlett replied.  

Harry sighed. He felt terrible for saying something like that. Aunt Petunia wouldn't act like his mother of her life depended on it. So, Scarlett had a point. 

"You right," Harry thought, "I'm sorry. "

"Don't be." Scarlett replied,"It's not like me to try to be a mother anyway so." 

"HARRY!" Came a cry. Harry walked down the stairs to see Uncle Vernon, ready to give Harry orders. 

A/N: I'm sorry it's short. I just wanted a short chapter about what Harry and Scarlett were talking about before the other events. 

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