Werewolf assassian(bvb fanfic)


5. chapter 4

$ Spirits P. O. V.$

When we where on our way to the fight and race I could tell Monica is having a flashback of her wolf spirit I feel sorry for her. When we got there I started to fell my bones arranging themselves I was shifting in to my spirit wolf named revenge I think that was awesome name for a spirit wolf. After I finished shifting I waited for the tag team fight to start it was the devils V. S. the sl*ts yup you heard right the sl*ts stupid name. We won of course now was the race we won that too. I am going to bed now later bitches !!!!!

$Andy's P.O.V$

Omg you can't believe what was going on. It was the two girls from school fighting the sl*ts in wolf form. Jinxx was staring at aww at the spirit wolf. I just watched the hellhound fight. I think the hellhound was called blood and the spirit wolf was called revenge. The fight started as soon as the sl*ts went in the ring. Blood was kicking their fuzzy little asses. While she was doing that revenge was doing defense. They won their fight but then the sl*ts lost miserably. After the fight the was done the wolves transform back to the human we found out that they were the devils. Then the race was beginning and spirit and Monica was getting in their cars it was a tag team race spirit went first and Monica was second. LET THE RACE BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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