Dear Diary

Cute story about a girl having a crush on a boy in school.


1. 15th November.

15th November.


Dear Diary,

This morning I was really excited. It was my very first day at high school ever! Everything had to be perfect: my outfit, my hair, my make-up. Just everything you could imagine. I didn’t want to screw something up at my first day, so I also have to be careful with what I say and do. Like, saying something stupid would be stupid. I do not want to end up like those losers. That would be awful, and especially on my first day. Defiantly a no go. For breakfast, I got eggs. Hmm, that’s not a surprise. I mean, I get that EVERY day. I am honestly getting tired of eggs, but we do not have anything else. On the other hand, we do, but I just don’t like it. I have to hurry up, if I don’t want to miss the school bus! I always used to miss it, but I would like to work on not missing it. Sitting in the bus was awful, but I am somewhat used to it now. The bus stopped many places, so it could pick up people who were going to the same high school. It was really crowdie, and I felt uncomfortable. Finally, we were there. It was so big, and outside the high school, was just like in movies. The first class I ever had in high school, were actually not that bad. I do not know if it was only because we did not really do anything, but that doesn’t matter. I am just glad I survived it.

Anyway, the day is only about to begin. I have so much more!


About 2 hours later, it was lunchtime. I did not have enough time at home, to make a lunch box.

That means I have to buy food. Yeah, first time in high school, and not bringing any food, means that you have to stand in the BIG line. That is somewhat scary. Everybody looks at you, pushing you and maybe even takes you out of the line, but you just have to hold on, and keep your head up. Finding a place to sit, were not that easy. Every time you have found a seat, and were about to sit down, the person who were sitting there, quickly putted their handbag, schoolbag, their hand or something else, so you couldn’t sit there. It was not a good feeling, that people didn’t want you to sit there, but of course, I know that I am the new student. After a long, long time searching, someone said that I could sit with him or her. I did not know where the call was coming from, so I just looked all around the place. Then someone called again. Moreover, this time I knew where it was coming from. You are not going to believe this, but there he was. It was a very, very pretty boy. I was just standing there staring at him, and being in my own world. Then he said to me, and I remember it clearly, he said »Hey babe, are you coming?« as I took a step toward him, some girl came up to him kissing him on the cheek and said, »Of course I am coming babe«. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but of course, he would not say something like that to me. I am just the new girl, which nobody knows. As I turned around to the next table, there was another pretty boy. No, no this boy was even prettier. »Let me guess. New here, and don’t know where to sit, right? « Well, I thought that he couldn’t be talking to anybody else, because I was the only new one here. I started to blush a little when I answered him. »Yes, I am. Do you know where there is a seat, where I could sit?« He pulled his bag pack away, and tapped on the seat, beside him. So of course, I walked over to him. Then suddenly he said »Oh, by the way, my name is Harry« Harry. Well, that is a cute name. I wouldn’t have guessed his name was Harry, but he defiantly looks like a Harry! I think we were having a good conversation, and we were really having a connection in some way. Maybe I only felt like that, because I fell in love with his beautiful green eyes. When the lunchtime was over, he asked me what my next subject was, and that was Biology. I asked him what his next subject was, and he said that he couldn’t remember. Anyways, I had to get to class.

I have always loved biology and was always concentrated, but this time I was not. I could not stop thinking about him. I was not paying any attention in class, so sadly I got a detention. I was not happy about it, because it was my first day, and I wanted to impress. Unfortunately, it was not my best day, and it was not going as planned. Maybe I am going to be a loser. No, I have to stop saying that. It is not going to happen. Ugh, I hate it, and I want to go home. I missed the school bus, because I did not pay attention, very nice. Not. I was on my own. First, I am living far away from the school. Second, parents are working. Third, I missed the bus. Oh yeah, I am screwed, and I missed the cheerleading audition too, what an awful day I am having. I had better start walking, so I at least can make it until dinner.

On the way home, I could not stop thinking. I thought about everything, and suddenly I saw Harry on the other side of the street. I tried so much to act normal, and to pretend I did not see him. It worked. He just kept walking, and I kept walking. Maybe I should have said something. Nah, it is better this way. I did not look back. I was acting so cold, but deep inside I just wanted to turn around, run over to him, and just talk. However, I cannot. You know, for me, it is not that easy talking to him, because I think I have a crush on him. Yeah, that is weird, because I have only known him for a day, not even. However, I just have to take it slow. Then maybe one day it will happen.


Lots of love, from me. 


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