Im not safe

Her dad Is a drunk who is abusive and at school she is Bullied. She cuts and she starved herself.
She needs help and love. Will she be saved?


4. no big deal

Okay!... I'm not gonna make a big deal about what I just heard. Maybe they weren't talking about me?

I sat down at the table as did everyone else. We were having pizza. "So Nicole. The boys are going to be staying here for a month." I just stared down and my food "k" was my reply "nicki? You okay?" Wendy asked and I nodded. I ate half of my pizza then gave the rest to niall. "Thanks for dinner. I think I'm gonna go to bed." I ran to my secret room and went straight to my blade.

I sat there deciding wether or not to and a cut... No. I put it on my skin. NO! I threw it across the bathroom.

Arms wrapped around me. I looked to find niall. "Don't cry angel" I was crying? I smiled weakly and him "how long were you standing their?" "Not very long" "would you have stopped me?" "Yes." Was his simple reply. He picked my up and I wrapped my legs around his waist my arms around his neck.

He kissed my cheek and carried me to the couch and we layed down spooning. He pulled a near by blanket over me. We both fell asleep...

~the next morning~

I woke up and turned towards niall and cuddled into his chest "good morning princess" I smiled "good morning niall" I felt his lips kiss the top of my head. I got up and walked to the bathroom and washed my face. Then I hopped into the shower. When I got out there was a fresh outfit folded on the sink. I hurry and got dressed and walked out to find niall watching a movie. "I like your outfit" he said with a smirk "well you picked it out... Thanks by the way" he stood up "can I ask you a question?" I nodded "will you be my girlfriend?" I smiled "yes!" He grabbed my face with both hands kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

We raced down stairs " ha! I won!!" I yelled niall just laughed and ran to the kitchen. I said good morning to the boys who were sitting at the table then opened the back door. I took nialls muffin and ran out the door slamming it behind me. I climbs up to the high dive as fast as I could. When niall was half way down I threw it down to him "you can have it back" he just smiled at me "thanks" he yelled back I smiled and did a front flip off the diving board. I swam up to the surface went to the edge. "Niall can you help me?" Once our hands connected I yanked him down. I laughed and pulled myself out of the pool. Niall swam over to me. " help?" "Nah" "com'on kennybear" "nope" I laughed as he pulled himself out he grabbed my hands and Louis grabbed my legs they both threw me in.

I stayed under. I was under for a minute when they started to freak out I saw them all jump in and when they did I got out as fast as a bullet "Kendra!!" They all yelled in unison "hahahahaha" they were getting out and chased me. I ran into the house and got Wendy "Wendy!!" I yelled she walked out of the family room I grabbed her hand and we ran to the front yard she got the hose I got a squirt gun "Kendra!!" I heard Liam yell I screamed "in the front yard they came running out and we attacked them "Kendra run!" Wendy and I ran to the pool we jumped in and sat at the bottom "where's they go?!" Harry asked

Wendy and I were good swimmers and could hold our breathe for 3 minutes when the boys left we got out and laughed. "Thanks Wendy!" No problem.

All the sudden we were getting hit by water balloons we laughed and ran away niall caught up to me he picked me up and carried me to the pool. "Niall!!!!" "Yes?" "Please let go!!" "I'm better! Say it. Say I'm better than you" "I am not gonna give up that easy " never?" He dipped my head in "niall!!" "Say it" " okay okay your better than me!" "Good!" He put me down and I shoved him in. All the boys laughed and I winked to niall and Wendy. Niall asked Louis to help him and pulled him in. I Wendy shoved Liam and zayn in and I pushed Harry in. After Wendy and I ran inside and hid in the closet.

To be continued.......


A/N I hope you guys are likening it so far. Sorry it took so long to update I've been super busy with school. Anyway I'll try to update soon. Love you all


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