Im not safe

Her dad Is a drunk who is abusive and at school she is Bullied. She cuts and she starved herself.
She needs help and love. Will she be saved?


5. continued

As Wendy and I sat in the closet we were talking "so.. You and niall huh?" I smiled "yeah" "y'all are a cute couple" "thanks. What about you?" " ehh haven't found the right man yet" i nodded *stairs creaking* "shhh their coming" we held our breathes "Kendra run!!" I heard niall yell "he's joking" Wendy whispered just as the closet door open and a man grabbed me.

I screamed as loud as I can "niall!!!!" "Let her go!" Wendy yelled as she grabbed him but he easily pushed her off. She fell and hit her head "Wendy!!" I yelled. I started screaming and struggling to get free but he just carried me down the stairs and out the door "niall!!" I screamed again. The man taped my mouth shut and tied my hands I saw niall running towards us but I was thrown in a van and blacked out.

Nialls POV

I chased the van but then decided it was pointless and I ran back to the house. "I called the police" Harry said I nodded and grabbed a jacket and my keys "where you going?" Liam asked "I'm going to get her. What else?" Louis got his jacket "I'm coming" "we'll all go" Liam said zayn walked out with Wendy "I'm going." She said I shook my head "no. Too dangerous" "I'm going. I don't care what you think" I nodded "let's go then" we all ran out to the car and went the direction the van went

Kendra's POV

I woke up but I kept my eyes shut. It smelled like dirt I opened my eyes to a girl sitting next to me. "Hi." She said. She looked 3 or 4 "hello" I looked down and tears dripped out of my eyes. The girl rubbed my arm "it okay. Don't cwy" I smiled "what's your name" I asked "kaywee" "kaylee?" She smiled and nodded "my name is Kendra" I smiled she crawled into my lap and fell asleep.

Why would someone take such a small child? It's horrible. I will get her out of here if it's the last thing I do I thought before I too fell asleep.

Nialls POV

It's been 3 days since Kendra was taken and I'm so worried about her. I decided to go down a dirt road with tire tracks.

Kendra's POV

I don't know how long it's been since I got here but it feels like years. Kaylee calls me mom. It's weird because I'm only 18.

A man opened the door and bright light streamed in I had to squint. He came over to me and started kissing me I drew in a sharp breathe and froze. He started felling me and I started crying "mommy?" "Shh" she nodded and shrunk down as small as possible into a corner.

My shirt was being pulled off and I pushed him off "stop." I said the door was still open and I yelled "Kaylee run!" She got up and ran I kicked the man in the balls and ran too. I got a good distance before he grabbed me. I screamed as loud as I could "help!!!" I struggled.

A car pulled up and niall got out "hey! Let her go!" Zayn got out and picked up kaylee "mommy!!" "It's ok. Go with him" she wrapped her little arms around him and he put her in the car. I saw that Louis was going behind him. All the sudden he screamed and let go long enough for me to run into nialls arms he picked me up and held me.

A few minutes later police cars pulled up and the man got up and ran. 2 police cars chased after him and 1 stayed. Kaylee jumped out and ran to me "mommy" I picked her up. We all drove to the police station and I went in to be interviewed.

"Ok. We need to know ever detail." I nodded "I was kidnapped Sunday afternoon around 2 pm. And I was knocked out and driven somewhere. When I woke up I was in a shed type thing with Kaylee next to me she started calling me mom. We only got bread and Milk for every meal I gave most of my portion to kaylee. And then he came in and started kissing me. I kneed him and told kaylee to run. We ran but he caught me and then niall came and saved me." I said "ok." I walked back out to niall who was holding a sleeping kaylee. They washed her up and I could finally see how golden her hair really was. A man walked and said "we have some bad news. Looks like the man got away. We know who he is though." I got up "who was it?" "His name is Richard Gonzalo" Louis jumped up "WHAT?!"


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