Shego: A Collection of Shego One-Shots

Shego is having trouble sticking with the whole "good guy" thing. Of course, is it ever easy to stay reformed... but what's killing her is, Dr. D is doing better than her. {Takes place about a year after Graduation Pt 2, contains Kim X Ron and Drakken X Shego. My first KP fanfiction so no hate please. All one-shots}


1. Story One: Kimmy

"Hello, Kimmy." Shego greeted coolly, entering her ex-enemy now-friend Kim Possible's college dorm room. Still not too fond of her, actually, but Shego was constantly needing to come in and say hello, just to prove to Kim that she was perfectly capable of staying good.

Okay, maybe these little visits are actually a good idea, she admitted to herself. Being a good little citizen was easy at first, but it's getting harder . . .

"Hi, Shego. You know, you can stop calling me Kimmy now . . ." Kim replied with a slight smile, facing the homework on the desk.

Shego rolled her emerald green eyes. "I enjoy calling you Kimmy, kiddo. You might be a superspy and a college student, but you're still younger than me, and I still have a degree in child development."

"Speaking of degrees, have you found a job yet?" the redhead asked, turning away from the desk to face Shego.

"Yeah." Shego lied. 

"Aside from working for Drakken?"

Shego fell silent before finally grumbling, "No." she held her chin high, though, and spoke with a more haughty tone. "But I don't need one. Dr. D's fine at providing. As long as I'm with him, I don't have to work."

"What happens if you two break up, though?" Kim almost sounded . . . amused.

Shego blushed a little bit in a temporary loss of emotional control. "Who says we're dating? I'm his body guard. I have been for years. That's all I'll ever be."

Kim rolled her eyes, and Shego wanted to slap her. Or maybe fire plasma at her. Oh, how she missed the old days . . . "Sure, Shego. Sure."

"Until Dr. D kicks me to the curb, I'm not searching for other employment." Perhaps she was too stubborn for her own good.

"You know, you'd be pretty good with kids . . ."


"Come on, Miss Go was perfectly fine with working with students."

"That wasn't me. That was the Attitudinator." Shego glared daggers at Kim, who didn't seem fazed in the least.

"Yeah, sure. Now, I don't wanna be rude or anything, but can you please leave? I've got a big test coming up, and . . ."

Kim didn't need to say any more. Shego was already out the door and storming away. Not really caring about the consequences, she burned a wall with her plasma and furiously left the college to head back to the lair.

This just gets harder every day...

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey guys!!! I'm kinda new to the KP fandom so if the characters are out of character please don't kill me . . .")

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