All I ever wanted || N.H

Niall and Katie are just a regular couple except for the fact that Niall is 1/5 in the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction.
This will put them through rough and hard times and will their love be enough to save them from the biggest disaster? That's what you will get to find out.


1. Finding Nemo

Katie's POV

Niall takes my hand and kisses it, before leading us inside. We walk over to one of the waiters and Niall whispers in the waiters ear. The waiter leads us over to a private location and gives us each a menu and tells us that he'll be back soon. I already know what to order. I'm going to order my favorite, greek salad.

"What are you ordering?" Niall asks me.

"My favorite," I answer him, "the greek salad."

"I'm going to have the steak with chips," he says.

"Let's order then," I say.

"Have you decided on what to order?" the waitress ask.

"Yes," I answer, "I'll have the steak with chips on the side and my lovely lady will have the greek salad."

"I'll be back in a while with your meals," the waiter says, after taking our orders.

"He forgot to ask if we want drinks," Niall tells me and I answer with a serie of giggles.

"Maybe he got a little bit nervous because you're mr. terrifying popstar," I say with a sarcastic tone and he rolls his eyes at me and sticks his tongue out.

"We're terrifying in that case Katie, haven't you seen the #KiallFrv hashtag that trend all of the time?" he asks.

"You know that I don't check Twitter because of all the hate" I tell him.

"Yea," he says, "I'm sorry bout that."

"It's no worries, I guess it's my fault," I say.

"What's your fault?" he mumbles.

"That I fell in love with you," I joke, "though I'm glad I did."

"You almost got me there" he says.

"Yah I know," I tell him with a smirk on my lips.


-Later that night-

"Finding Nemo?" he asks with a childish look on his face, "or Toy Story?"

"Definitely voting for Nemo," I answer with a dreamy tone. Fining Nemo was the first movie we watched together. I remember how nervous he was when he asked me out that time and I giggled and said yes. We ate at Nando's (A/N: cliché I know, sorry) and then we went over to his place and watched Finding Nemo, ha.

"Do you remember the first time we watched it?" he asks, "I was so nervous."

"I remember the day like it would've been yesterday," I answer and he shoots me a smile.

"Fantasticlous," he tells me.

"What does that mean?" I ask.

"Fantastic and fabulous put together," he answer.

"The word to describe you then," I flirt and he blushes.

"More likely to describe you, but you can't be described by excisting words," he tells me, "not when there's to much beautifulness to describe."

"Beautifulness doesn't sound like a real word," I giggle.

"Maybe but that doesn't matter," he says sweetly and kisses my nose.


I decided to republish the story instead of editing all of the 15 chapters.. I thought it would take too long time and I want to start from scratch.

And you know what? I've edited the whole of this chapter. Nothing is the same, so please take your time and read it cause there might be changes you won't expect and you will maybe not understand the second chapter then...

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