This story is about a girl named Madeline, she's always alone.

When she finds out that a murder has escaped prison in her town, she panicks.



1. Mirror

It was a bright summer day in August.

Madeline woke up in her soft bed, she was home alone, she was used to it.

Her parents worked all the time, Madeline was always on her own. She felt worthless and lonely. Maybe her parents worked all the time, so they didn't have to see her? Maybe they weren't happy about her? Why was she born? She was a mistake.

She went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror. She saw a girl, green shiny eyes, dark hair and skinny. People told her she looked like her grandfather, which she never met. She wasn't happy about it. Why couldn't people just mind their own business?

Madeline walked down the stairs, they lived in an average house on the end of the street.

She turned the television on, the news. The usual news reporter. The main news were that an insane murder had escaped from prison. He was very dangerous and kidnapped and murdered children most of the time.

He was in her town. Madeline got goosebumps. What if he came for her? It was easy. He was probably much stronger and could take her and murder her in ten seconds. She panicked. Locked all doors and called her mothers office, no one answered. Typical.

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