Thicker Than Water

Life wasn't normal. Everything was changed. And it would never be the same.


1. Cry

My legs pushed me farther down the hallway, though, stopping midway. I looked down at myself.

Whipping my body around, my trench coat flying behind me. I stood my ground, fists clenched at my sides. This wasn’t what I have been training for. To just run away, and hope he just goes away. We all know that won’t be happening. Hours and hours after school preparing for this night, instead of going out with my friends, or jeez, even homework. My mind was dumbfounded at my actions.

“Rachel, what are you doing?” A strong voice said from behind me.

“David, I don’t have time.”


“I’m going to kill him.” I whispered.

“I’m not leaving you.”

Finally, I do turn around to face him.

“Oh, yes you are. David, I appreciate your help, but this is what I do. To be honest, I am scared, and want help. But I can’t. What am I supposed to do when I am alone, and there is no one to help me out?”

“You know, she is right.” The cold voice made Goosebumps appear onto my skin.

My eyes were squinted closed until I turned to face him. My mouth was plastered with a smile. That certainly did not meet my eyes.

“Oh, how nice of you to join us, Gregor! It is a little late.” I said, tapping my wrist. My teeth so clenched, they began to ache.

“Rachel.” David whispered, stepping closer to me and his hand reaching out and firmly gripped my wrist.

“Of course, I must join! How could I not, with such a lovely, tasty slayer before me.” His lips slowly slicked by his tongue. EW.

“Back off.” David puffed out, his nose twitching, and lip rising in a snarl.

David quickly stepped in front of me. His shoulders moving up and down from obvious anger. His arms slightly came back, a kind of way to protect me from the sides.

“Awe, David. So, young minded. Though, you could be as wise as if you were 400.”

Huh? What? What the hell was this ancient artifact babbling about?

Leaping forward, David practically full on attacked   the vampire. David actually made him bleed, from the nose and mouth. Gregor laughed, and knocked David off of him. He did have trouble, but he was still able to do so. The sight wasn’t gruesome, though it still made my blood boil inside of my pumping veins, which I knew Gregor couldn’t resist.

I lunged at him, really girl like and unlike me. On the floor, my arms were around his neck. One hand ready to pop his head off like a soda can. He grabbed at my hands, flipping me onto my back with a slight crack. It was a hard hit, but I managed to get up in time to miss one of Gregor’s blows. Ducking down, once, twice. He went for another, but by now I was filled with rage. Snatching his arm, spinning with my back to him, I snapped his arm down, hearing the bone break. His cry wasn’t even that noticeable. My leg flew upward, and my foot coming into contact with his knee. Going down was my chance. Both legs came up, left right after my right, giving him two hard blows in the chest. He finished falling, legs folded under his body. What surprised me was when one leg came from under his back and swung sideways. He got me, sending me to the ground. The pain swelled in the back of my head when banged onto the ground. My arms hit the ground at my sides. The pain pulsing in my body held my instant back up. Twisting my body, I smacked my hand down, pressing myself up. Staggering, once fully standing up.

My breath came out jagged, and hard. One breath escaped my mouth as I came forward, right as Gregor’s fist made contact with my face. Blood spewed from my mouth, which made the boiling worse. Running, charging, to him. I bent to my knees, and jumped over him. My contact with my foot to his back made another crack deep inside of him. He jolted forward, but spun to me. Which worked out for only me because my rage came out and forward, as I ran and all my strength vibrated into my arm? My bulging fist came down to his head, knocking it clean off. The body fell to its knees, and then chest to the ground.

As I walked over the body, the anger and rage was gone. Okay, almost all the way, because before leaving the body, my foot came down to his back. Then, the normal routine, of a vampire’s body turning to dust after being completely killed. Again.

This whole time, I was thinking about David, and if he was okay. Walking, more like

Jogging to where I last saw his body lay. My mind raced as I thought of what have could have happened to him. Or if he was dead.

No. Don not think that, especially because he is going to be alive and breathing. You          weren’t the one who did this. If anything, it is that retard vampire, Gregor.

I stopped in my tracks. He wasn’t there anymore. Like straight up, and no trace that his body was even ever there. As if my mind came up, and imagined everything. Okay, first off, no. That happened, everything with David happened, just three minutes ago.

“You’re bleeding.” His voice was soft, and whispery.

My shoulders instantly dropped, and my whole body was relaxed at the sound of his voice coming from behind me. I thought for a minute, let the whole mysterious thing we had, or forget that whole scene.

“Jesus Christ! What was that?” I exclaimed. I turned to him, and shoved him.

“I thought you were friggin’ dead! You were there, then you disappeared. I mean what kind of trickery is that? Here I was thinking about how maybe you were dead. Or if it was me who caused it. Then here you are. Doing that low raspy voice crap. Trying to lure me in, or something. I don’t know!”

I was going to rant on even more, but his lips pressed onto mine, shutting me up. Thank god. I mean, how unattractive is that? His hand was at the back of my head; his lips were just softly on mine. Very gentleman like. It made me start thinking again. About him, how crazy mysterious the guy is and how I even met him. Slaying. Ha!

Just as I began the usual rant, inside of my head now, he stopped. Pulling away and slightly smiling at me. He bowed down, arm around stomach.

“You now must rest.” He paused, and slightly smiled.

“After you deal with Jaxk.” The arm folded against his stomach extended, pointing down the hallway, pointing to my guardian, Jaxk. Who has been the one training me all this time. A 32 year old man who practically dedicated his life to me, and to make me safe and live a good life while being a slayer. A slayer is pretty much a target of death, as sometimes Jaxk would say when I would put myself in life damaging moments.

I really respected him, though. He does all this for me. Thinking about it, I might as well be dead if he wasn’t here to help, train, and teach me to live through my life without getting seriously injured, or if god forbid, killed. When I really go deep into thought about the whole situation, I see him as a father figure. My father was murdered, no doubt about it. By who? I don’t even know after ten years of investigation. Finally being closed seven years of being one of the deceased.

“Rachel. Well done. Are you okay, and alright? No serious damage?”

“No.” I smiled.

I gave both guys a hug, then leaving them in the hall, to go into my room. My feet dragged across the floor, arms dangling at my sides. Blood trickled down my face as I went into the little hotel room. Going straight into the bathroom, and inspecting my face. Both nostrils had streams of blood running out of them. My lips were smeared with blood, a tiny line showing now dried blood. Grabbing at the white washcloths that were provided, I used and discarded three, with a pink tint from blood. My whole outfit had stains of blood and dirt. Tossing them and getting into the shower. All I did was wash off my body. When getting out, I just decided to put on a tee shirt and shorts. Sitting on the edge of the bed.

After being there for about 5 minutes, I got up and put on my trench coat. It did have blood on it, though it was still comfortable. David just appeared tonight from wherever like he always did. From that, I figured that he would do the same now.

It wasn’t until I stepped out from the lobby, did he come from behind. Again, what he always did to me. It was a feeling that I get now, because of him. Mysterious David.

“Hello David” I spoke softly, a smile slightly growing on my face, my head slightly turned towards my shoulder.

“Are you okay?”

“What do you mean?” The smile quickly faded, a frown taking its place.

The air was cold as his hand softly laid on my opposite shoulder. His breath was ice against my neck. The voice was low and secretive.

“Rachel, I saw what you did. The anger that vibrated off of your face was…..” His voice trailed off, as his hand loudly dropped to his side.

Turning around, I glared up at him. His tall body towered over mine. While my brown eyes were hard, his were soft and light like chocolate. Mine probably more like mud, and dirt.

“Inhuman? News flash: Not completely human here David.” My hands hooked to my hips, lips tight, voice sounding like nails on a chalkboard.

“This wasn’t the road I was trying to go down, Rachel. It worried me, okay? Like come on, there has to be something up. I know how you are and that, well, maybe I haven’t seen you like that. All I was trying to do was just see what’s up. Okay? Not to get on your case like a father.” His gaze turning cruel and hard, much like mine, I presume.

That word, that sentence was what made the inside, blood streams, burst. It didn’t show, although. The action inside of my body didn’t necessarily specify if I was going to have a crazy outburst, break down and maybe cry, or just be mad at the world. Even though my third could actually be part of either one of the others. There was one thing I knew I had to do, and feel better. Hit something.

Tearing away from David’s eyes, I looked around to find something. My eyes frantically shifting to find something. Though, only one thing can to mind when looking for something to relieve the emotions flowing throughout my body.

There was a brick wall separating an alleyway and the hotel. Without turning back to David, I quickly walked over to it. When few steps away, I ran. My fist broke against the brick wall. Bricks fell out of place, my hand bleeding. I could hear footsteps pounding. Luckily when turning around the only figure was David.

My body had finally made a decision. It was to break down. Only thing was that I didn’t really cry. Just silent sobs escaping my mouth. My knees gave out, and I crashed down, David’s arms supporting me. I still went down, but David held onto me. Letting me sink into him, cry my dry tears.

It soon got to where we were sitting there, and hugging. My face was buried into his chest, and my arms curling around him. He stroked my hair with one hand, the other wrapped around me.

“Thank you.” I whispered with my face still buried.

“I’m sorry. I remembered about your father. I was foolish.”

My mouth froze as I was about to object to his apology. I never told him about what had happened. Ha, when could I have? He is never in my presence. Always in the shadows, and away from him. This is the closest I have ever been to him. He only time I can actually with him is when fighting or talking about it.

I let the whole confusion about my dad slide.

“It’s not you. I should have control over this. I was the foolish one. But you should go. It is over with, and done. I’m sure there is lurking mysterious things you have on your to do list.” I said, getting up.

Him, popping up next to me.  His hand cupping my face, taking a long moment looking into my eyes. His eyes flickered over my head and into the sky. He had a worried look, though; he quickly got back to me.

“Take care of this.” He gently lifted my hand and showed the gruesome amount of blood and dirt from the wall. His body started turn. Leaning down and pecking me on the cheek before completely leaving me in the dark shadows of the haunting wall and tall hotel lurking above me. Only for a moment did my eyes glance around me, David disappeared. The darkness did not haunt or scare me. Though was it David’s absence the simple fact of sadness throughout my heart, without his body next to mine, fighting along beside me only an hour ago of the army of fighting vampires. Knowing that his soul was no longer with me. Helping me seal the closure of my father’s death. The knowledge that I would die sooner than what was usual. Or that I could love no one without their lives being affected. That I would ruin anyone’s life in a heartbeat. That my gift to anyone would be certain, death. That my destiny was to die.


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