Why me?

Anna a single mom has a kid and finds out why she fell in love with Liam


1. chapter 1


"Why Liam how could you I trusted you I have Diana and u go and cheat on me with this blonde bitch" I sobbed while packing my bag. " Anna please listen to me I didn't mean to I don't know what happened."

~end of flashback~

I shuddered while thinking of the fight. Hi I'm Anna I used to date Liam yes THE Liam Payne but that changed when he cheated on me and I have a beautiful girl. I am a single mom with two jobs trying to find a dad and a husband but it's hopeless."Diana time for lunch" I yelled for my 4 year old to coming running down the stairs. "Hi mummy" she said happily sitting on the chair." Hi sweetie OW shit" I said as I burned myself while making a grilled cheese for Diana." Mummy you huted you self" she sadly said."no baby I'm ok here's your grilled cheese" I heard a loud knock and opened the door to see Liam. I stood their frozen and he asked to come in" hey I'm we need to talk" he nervusley scratched his head. "What what do we need to talk about you know what you did" "I know I know and I miss you and Diana please give me another chance" "daddy!" Diana came running with crumbs all over her face." Fine but one chance and don't screw it up" " thank you so much" he said pushing me up against the wall and kissed me.

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