My Brothers

*For the Salvage competition*
At first, I didn't believe it either. But the gods of Olympus are real. And sometimes, these gods have children with humans. I'm one of them. My name is Devon Castellan. And I am the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea and May Castellan. I was given a quest by my father. I was to find my brother, Percy, and help him. Help him save the Olympus and give him some important information. But I never thought that I was Luke Castellan's brother.


1. One

My name is Devon Castellan. And I live with my crazy mom, May Castellan. Luckily, I don't see her often because I go to a boarding school in Virginia.
As far as I know, my mom has always been crazy. She never told me who my father was.
I only come home for the summer. But I have to lock myself up in my room to protect myself from her craziness.
I am never protected from the monsters though. You may not believe me, but it's true. Monsters come to my bed every day. They bite me.
And when I scream for help, my mom tells me I'm crazy. Sometimes, I think I am. Because in the morning, the bites are gone. They're not there anymore.
I don't have many friends because people think I'm weird.
But one day, at school, three kids came in to the school. They looked like they didn't want to get caught.
I went up to them and asked, "Why are you guys here? I've never seen you guys before."
A girl with blonde hair and grey eyes, who was astonishingly beautiful, asked, “What’s your name?”
I answered, “Devon Castellan. What about you guys?”
They exchanged looks. And they looked more relieved.
The girl said, “My name’s Annabeth. And these people are my friends. That’s Percy and that’s Grover.”
I asked, “Why are you guys here?”
Percy answered, “To save you. Let’s get out of here. It’s for your own good. C’mon, Devon.”
I told him, “I can’t just run away. And save me from what? My crazy mom? Or the terrible teachers here? Tell me!”
Grover shook his head.
“Sorry, Devon. That’ll put you in more danger. We’re going to get out of here. C’mon!”
I followed Percy, Annabeth, and Grover out of the school. But someone caught us. Principal Haney, the meanest principal ever. He stood there, looking amused.
He whispered, “Percy Jackson… What are you doing in my school? Oh are you getting little Devon? Are you taking him to Camp Half-Blood? But I’m afraid, it won’t work. I will kill you all.”
Then, Principal Haney turned into a monster. With four arms and wings. He looked very scary. He was scary enough even when he wasn’t a monster. And now, he was terrifyingly scary.
Percy pulled out a pen from his pocket. The pen suddenly turned into a sword. He battled with the monster. And soon, Principal Haney was gone.
Annabeth shouted, “Let’s get out of here! You’re in danger, Devon! We need to go!”
I asked, “Why? Why am I in danger?”
Grover answered, “We’ll tell you later! But not now!”
I followed them out of the school. A car was right in front of the exit. Grover, Percy, and Annabeth ran to the car and opened the door and went in.
Grover shouted, “Come on, Devon! We got to go!”
I ran into the car. I was sitting right next to Annabeth. Grover was driving and Percy was sitting next to Grover.
I blushed, staring at Annabeth. I knew she was probably older, but she sure was beautiful.
Grover kept on driving. For hours. Finally, we arrived at some kind of forest.
Annabeth shouted, “Devon! Stay right next to Grover! They’ll be a lot of monsters here!”
I asked, “Where are we running to?”
Grover pointed at a stone arch.
“There! Let’s go!”
I ran to the arch. But monsters were there.
I shouted, “PERCY!”
But when I looked for Percy, I saw that he was already battling with a monster. I searched for Annabeth. Annabeth, too, was battling. Grover was battling, too.
I had to take care of those monsters to live. But with what? I picked up a sturdy stick that was right next to me.
I charged. I hit the monsters. I battled for a while. One died. But there were still so many left.
A Cyclops charged towards me. And it tossed me into the air. I lay on the ground, unconscious.

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