Half a Heart

Moving in with the boys of One Direction seems fun, but when it's five girls don't you think it could get hectic? What about when it's time to move out? Go one with separate lives,will fate bring them back together?


1. where it all begins

Eleanor's pov

"Eleanor you have to get up you need to get ready we are leaving in a little while!" Jade and Tess said.

I got out of bed and walked over to my bathroom to take a shower. I took of my clothes and turned on the water.

*skip shower*

When I finish doing my thing I turn off the get out and wrap a towel around me. I walk over to the boxes in my room and go through them to find a outfit to wear. I found my white crop top and my black shorts with panties and a bra. I look through another box to look for shoes. I found my black vans.

I dress myself then I go back into my bathroom to do my makeup. I only put on mascara and eyeliner I didn't want to do to much. I lastly did my hair I just curled my brunette locks and walk out of my room and go down stairs to see Tess and Jade sitting in the living room debating on who is gonna get the window seat in the plane!

I walk over to them and I look at them Jade wearing her purple low cut shirt and black shorts with black heels and Tess wearing a blue dress mid thigh length and black flats. Tess had her hair in a bun and Jade had hers flowing down in blonde curls.

I just keep waiting till they stop bickering at each other which sometimes takes A LONG TIME to end so I usually stop them. I say "HEY, guys stop fighting on who sits in the window seat in the plane it's just a seat who cares!!"

Then Jade says to me" I do it's very important cuz that way you don't get squashed by fat men while ur in your seat" she made a face after she answered me.

Tess says something along the lines of" I should get the seat because I am special!!" I say to them both "we'll decide on who gets the window seat when we get there and it also depends on where your tickets tell you to sit!" The both girls cross there arms in sadness. Then we all look at each other and then Jade says" hey when are we supposed to leave?" I say" like around 10 what time is it??" Tess looks at her phone and says "8:45 we should leave now!" We all agreed and went upstairs to get all the belongings we had and boxes we packed.

Ten minutes later after filling up the car we get in me driving and Tess in the passenger seat with Jade in the backseat. We all buckle up and I start the car. I pull out the drive way and drive down the street!! "HERE WE COME LONDON" we all say!

Authors note:

Hi guys my name is Megan this is my FIRST EVER FANFIC hope you like it and I need 2 girls to be the girlfriends of Zayn and Harry so comment the following and I will pick the 2 winners!!

Hair color:

Eye color:


Boy you want to be in a relationship with:

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