Old School Love

Louis Tomlinson high school imagine! Hope you like it! Open to any suggestions! Love y'all! <3


1. First Day

"This is it!" I say as I walk out the door to my car. Today was the day I will show everyone how much I have changed over the summer. I used to be a big nerd last school year, but of the summer I got contacts and the braces are off! I mostly did this because I wanted to impress my crush, Liam Payne.

I got to school and saw him, he walked over to me. He started telling me that I was beautiful. It hit me. He only like the new me, he would never come up to me last year. I pushed him away so I could get to my locker. My friend ran up to me screaming, "There is a new kid!" At first I didn't believe her then she pointed him out.

He was soooo hot! She said, "His name is Louis Tomlinson, he's a nerd!" I said, "A HOT NERD!" She looked at me like I was crazy. I finish grabbing my books and closed my locker. I went to my 1st period class, math, surprisingly he was in that class with me. The teacher said we could sit anywhere, so I sat down in a desk near the back. Louis walked over to me and asked, "Can I sit next to you?" He was so adorable and I answered, "S-s-s-sure!" I was so nervous that I stuttered!

He happily sat down. My heart was racing. Half way through the class Louis passed me a note, it said

Dear y/n,

I think your really pretty! My name is Louis Tomlinson if you didn't already know that. I heard you and your friend in the hall, I think your a hot nerd as well! I was just wondering can I have your number?


Louis <3

That note made my heart melt! I passed him a paper with my number written on it and he yelled, "YESSS!!!" The whole class looked at him awkwardly his excuse was, "ummmm...I just finish a hard problem...sorry for interrupting..." Louis and I are the only people that know the real reason he said yes!

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