Tommorow's Newpaper (1Direction FanFic)

Morgan is just an ordinary girl, at least, she thinks she is... one day she receives tomorrows newspaper, except It had Harry Styles death in it. Being from an orphanage and never having listened to their music, she had no clue who he was or that he was in a world-famous boyband. The next day she ends up saving his life, the same way it was described in the article. What happens when he adopts her? What happens when she adopts a little girl from the orphanage?


1. About me.

So, your probably wanting to know what I look like and all, so, here it is.


Name- Skai King, I don't let anyone know that though so I go bye the alias of Morgan Ross.

Age- 16

Hair color- Jet Black w/ icy blue highlights.

Eye color- icy Blue, I know your thinking that's crazy but its just normal.

Fav outfit- Black skinnys, sky blue spaghetti strap tank (basically a sky blue undershirt), a black jacket-not zipped- sky blue converse, black shades and a sky blue beanie.

Fav store- Forever 21

Fav colors- Sky blue + Black

Best friends- Rae Black and Evelyn Green


Name- Rae Black

Age- 15

Hair color- Black w/ Green highlights

Eye color- Grey

Fav outfit- White skinnys, Dark Green spaghetti strap tank, dark green converse.

Fav store- Hollister

Fav color- Dark Forest Green

Best friends- Morgan Ross and Evelyn Green


Name- Evelyn Green

Age- 17

Hair color- Red-ish Brown

Eye color- Deep Green

Fav outfit- Jean shorts and a Tee.

Fav store- Kohls (however you spell that)

Fav color- Orange

Best friends- Morgan Ross and Rae Black


Well, now you know 'bout the three main characters so, here we go.

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