Ghost Girl

"Twelve years have gone to waste but the new me will never go."

Hermione Jones is having a lot of trouble fitting into her new school. The problem is, is when the people tease her, her siblings annoy her, her mum is always busy. But when the tragedy hits, her problems are all gone and there's only one new major dilemma.


11. Chapter 10

I sometimes suddenly think I’m the only person on the world because honestly I am used to it now, “living” or at least roaming around my town can cause you not to really notice other people. It’s not fair, they can’t see me. Actually there is only one person who can see me. I don’t get why only one person can see me. Strange.
I don’t see why I bother groaning, crying, screaming about all this because it’s not going to get me anywhere.
It’s depressing to think about how it started. First a door, then a bang, then lights and beeping…but it has already happened.

Mum has driven us home because she doesn’t trust us to keep our mouths shut but I think it’s because Mum hates Aunt Rebecca.
Anyway, Aunt Rebecca should have been moody because Uncle Mark was her brother from my dad’s side. But I keep asking myself, why do we bother to go see him because Mum hates my dad’s side?
I head to my bedroom while Mum tries to handle Holly and cook something to eat for dinner. I wonder if she remembers that it is still the morning and I could be in my third lesson right now which I think would be Art. Not fair-Art would’ve made my day-but I guess staying at home is better.
From upstairs I can hear Robin asking Mum if it’s legal to take your child out of school and take them to see injured but now dead Uncle Mark and then take them home to do whatever. Then I hear Mum say, “Do you want to go back to school?” After that I don’t hear anything else. I change into some different clothes and hang my uniform neatly in my wardrobe. That’s when the doorbell rings.
Mum jogs to the door. I sit on the top stair of the staircases and watch the door to see whose there. When Mum opens the door, I can already that this women has for sure, beaten Mum’s perkiness by far.
“Aunt Betta is here,” My aunt sings. She steps in and places her five suitcases, three plastic bags of what seems like snacks, and her neon orange bag.
I sulk while trotting down the flight of stairs.
“Hey, Betta.” I wave, giving her a fake smile.
“AUNT Betta.” She corrects me, “Hermione, let me give you a big Aunty kiss.”
I start speed walking into the living room. I’m pretty irritated because I forgot to set up my tricks.
“So, Aunt Betta, you’re here already?” Mum says.
“Well duh, Anne, I’m here aren’t I?” My aunt answers.
“Yes, I meant, I just haven’t had much time to clean so it is quite messy.”
“Aunt Betta doesn’t mind because Aunt Betta is here to help.” Aunt Betta says, cheerfully.
“Well Hermione does care because Aunt Betta might go in Hermione’s room.” I mutter under my breath, with an impression like my Aunt.
Robin sees Aunt Betta and instantly twist around to walk away but she somehow catches him and hugs him so tight, he’s going tomato red.
“Aunt Betta! Please I can’t breathe.”
“Oh Robin,” I haven’t seen you or your sisters for like three years. I missed you cute ducklings and I can’t wait to have some fun.” She smiles, showing her pearly, sparkling white teeth. “I want to see my Holly.” As she says this, Holly enters the living room, taking a seat next to me.
“Hey Hols, I think Aunt Betta wants to see you.”
“Ooh, Aunt Betta!” She screams with delight, running out the living room.
I tag along behind her, I actually want to see what gets Holly so eager to see my crazy aunt.

"Oh, my little princess Holly, you've grown but your hairs shorter."

I look at Holly's red ringlet. I guess they are pretty.

"Your curly locks used to be down to your waist, it's up to your shoulder now but im sure you still look beautiful."

Holly frowns and I have a feeling that she might say something rude back so I chip into the conversation, "So, Aunt Betta?" Mum takes Holly to have some lunch which means Mum has remembered.

"Yes Sweetie," my Aunt Betta answers me.

"Shall I show you my room?" I suggest.


I show her upstairs and her room. There are loads of boxes but it's the room out of the whole house which is set up the most.

"Do you still get teased about your name?" I look at my aunt, my eyes narrow.

"What do you mean?"

"Well your mum picked that silly old name from that book, Harry Potter. That bossy, arrogant character."

"It's not that bad, you know, that book character is actually quite pretty and cool."

Like me.

"It's quite a silly name, you should honestly change it."

"Says the person who has the same first name as a type of fish." I talk back.

"Betta's are actually beautiful like moi." She says.

Yeah right.

Seems to me her jolly self has darkened to as drizzle of gloom because she stares shredding tears.

"Aunt Betta, I didn't mean to hurt you," I try to calm her, only because I don't want to get into trouble with Mum for upsetting my aunt.

"No I'm sorry, it's not really you, I just remembered why exactly I came here, that's what made me upset dearie." She weeps.

"You're upset because you came here to help us? I won't argue with you on that, although you decided to come here." I point out.

"Don't tell your mum but umm," Aunt Betta pauses. "I came here because, actually let me start from the beginning of the story." I think this may take long because she sits on her bed and I do too.

"My husband, you know, Uncle Henry. He said I was a pain and we kept arguing so we had a split and he kept the house so I lived with my son in his apartment, I was hoping I would stay with my son, George, until I raised enough money for a house or at least an apartment but George kicked me out the other day because apparently I'm annoying, my own son said that and I still don't have any money to put towards somewhere to live."

"So you decided to take advantage of our new house and come to Britain just to stay with us?" I now feel sorry for my aunty.

"Sorry." She murmurs, apologetically.

"No don't worry, stay here as long as you like."

I don't believe I'm being nice to one of my family members.


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