Ghost Girl

"Twelve years have gone to waste but the new me will never go."

Hermione Jones is having a lot of trouble fitting into her new school. The problem is, is when the people tease her, her siblings annoy her, her mum is always busy. But when the tragedy hits, her problems are all gone and there's only one new major dilemma.


2. Chapter 1

It never occurred to me that life could be like this. My twelve years have gone now, and the new me will never end, possibly not even before the world does. No one would ever see it like that, but I could.
I’m the only one who knows the details of what happened that day.
I stand in front of my family, the police who investigated the area of the incident, but they don’t see me.
Ive been like this for over a year now, can I cope?
Well, it doesn’t matter anyway; there is no way to end it, because there is no end, no stop…

Oh great, another house, another area, another school, another start. We’ve moved again. I’ll just have to wait about two month and then im packing again. But it’s Mum this time. Sometimes we move because I’ve been bad at school and I get expelled or we buy a new house for no reason. In this case, Mum’s got a new job as an art teacher or was it music?
Our record for living in a house, the shortest, was one or two weeks because a bunch of baby foxes were born from a barbaric mother fox that ate my homework!

However, Mum says ill make tons of friends. When we arrived at our new house, I raced upstairs and got the biggest room. Robin and Holly came running after, arguing that I got the biggest room last time.
“Hermione! Its not fair!” holly would scream and mutter a word she probably learnt from Robin and is certainly bad at the the age of six. Robin’s fourteen and I’m twelve, but im thirteen in July.
“If you don’t give me your room, well I’m going to…to…” Robin would say, “Tickle you two to death!”
Robin wasn’t the brother who fought you or spat rude words or had an attitude. He was nice and kind.


This is the worst part of moving, new school! Mum’s driving me there.
“Ok sweetie, do you have your pencil case? Is your hair neat? Straighten your tie!”
When we arrived, I would tell mum to go, I can cope with the rest on my own. Today she let me.
I am walking into the school, teenagers and teachers staring at me, asking themselves, “Is she good enough?”
As I get into the office that I had seen, previously, on an induction day the lady there smiles.
“Im new.” I say, wanting to ask who she is.
“Ok, what’s your name?”
“Hermione Jones, miss.” I blush with embarrassment.
“Ok, Hermaranie J…” The lady begins, formally.
“NO, Her-mi-o-ne!” I correct her.
“Sorry, I don’t really…I’m not good with new student’s names, very sorry.” She apologizes but im annoyed, “But if my name was Alex, Emma, Beca, Chloe or Lily, you would’ve got it right.”
She looks at me, awkwardly, “Miss Jones, attitude like yours is not tolerated here and as I’m Miss Blue, the headmistress, I will have to punish you but as you are new, I will give you a warning. Is that clear?”
I nod, not sorry at all.

It’s my name, Mum chose it. Hermione. She got it from her favourite character from her favourite book. I got teased in some schools that I’ve been to because of it.
Holly and Robin don’t have peculiar names; Dad said their names were good choices considering they were born in December.
I haven’t seen Dad, not since I was three and Holly wasn’t even born. He left us but he’s probably in America somewhere with his girlfriend, Amelia. However, I don’t mind Amelia. Even though I don’t see Dad in person, we go on Skye every month or so and Amelia’s usually there. For my eleventh birthday, Dad sent me a cat card and a pretty charm bracelet but I know Amelia bought it and sent it over.

By the time, Miss Blue has taken me over to my form, I realise why she’s still a Miss!
“Now class, today we have a new student…” I hear the teacher inside the room say.
I take a huge breath of air and walk in, in front of the head. I stare at the unfamiliar, curious faces.

Some look friendly but possibly eighty per cent are certainly not. My old friends were only two of them. I like my old school best because I was practically friends with the whole class but Alicia and Poppy were the best. Looking at this crowd, I’ll be only making friends with the red haired girl at the back who looks quite shy, but she’s smiling. She has big glasses and a high-pony tail that’s quite curly. Somehow she looks geeky but a younger version of Bella Thorne. I, on the other hand, have shoulder length, (well actually a bit past my shoulders but who cares) brown, curly hair. I don’t wear glasses and im not a geeky girl.
“Good morning Hermione and this is E2, our form, E for Extension. I’m Ms Archer and I hope you have a good few years at our school, South High.”      
She shows me to a spare seat near the shy, smiling girl, then she waves over but I haven’t the courage to wave back so I just smile.
When we are let out our form room, the girl catches me, even if I have no idea where im going.
“Hey, Hermione, right?”
“Yes.” I say, instantly.
“I’m Charlotte Dawson.”
“It’s nice to meet you.” I force myself to say.
“Were going to Science. Let me show you the way.” Charlotte walks in front of me, looking back every minute to see if im following. The science Block is big. Bigger than I remember it…


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