Just A Ghost

Maria is just another ghost, an overly obsessed fan of Ghost Town. But her life is about to take an unexpected turn as she attends the Bryan Stars Tour.


1. 1

The deafening sound arose from the speakers as the ground shook. The whole crowd jumped in the beat of the music. I reached my hand forward and Kevin grabbed it, pulling me to the front of the crowd. Screaming continued as he smiled at me and sang "creepy girls your just my style" while looking directly into my eyes. I was happy here, for the first time in a while I felt like I belonged. Tears fell from my eyes as he let go of my hand and went back to the stage. I stayed to the side screaming. When the song was over the crowd began chanting "Ghost Town! ghost Town!" Over and over again. I joined, feeling at home, feeling for once like I wasn't being looked down upon. My hair was stuck to my face with sweat and my breath was deep and heavy. But I didn't mind. The crowd began pushing into each other trying to get closer to the boys. I was barricaded between a wall of people and the stage. Without warning I was body slammed into the speakers. My shoulder cracked as it hit the sharp corner.

Alix quickly threw down his guitar and pulled me onto the stage. Music continued as he brushed the hair from my face. "You okay sweetie?" He asked out of breath.

"I think so" I nodded and smiled. "Thank you"

"No problem, loving the red hair by the way" he laughed and gently helped me back down into the crowd. As I smiled like an idiot.

A girl with short blonde hair beside me smiled and shouted loud enough so I could hear. "You're so lucky!" She laughed then focused back on Kevin.

It had nothing to do with luck. It was just fate giving me a good time. I had been depressed for so long after all.

The venue was small and compacted, no matter where you were you could see the band perfectly. It was known as the nether bar, located underground, the floor shook and the music rose from the stage all the way up to the street outside. It reeked of alcohol, salty sweat, and the strange scent of baby powder. Inside it was hot and humid, everybody, the band and the crowd, were dripping in sweat, screaming, and jumping. I was no exception. Even though I came to the concert alone I fit in with everyone here.

I watched as Kevin climbed off stage and into the crowd. The girls, and a few guys, went wild and grabbed at him and his hair. He made his way over right beside me and began to head bang while singing. I smiled and joined him along with a few other girls. He kissed my hand before jumping back onto the stage. Girls screamed and pushed closer to him. Once again I was pushed into the stage.

As the song stopped Kevin took a drink of water then grabbed the microphone from the stand. "Minnesota you have been amazing! Thank you for welcoming us, welcoming everybody on the Bryan Stars tour! Oh No Fiasco, Modern Day Escape, Her Bright Skies and of course mr Bryan Stars himself" He whipped sweat from his forehead as the crowd screamed. "It's getting late now and this will be our last song. Thank you so much Minnesota!" He set the mic back on the stand as they began to play Trick Or Treat.

Now would be the time. I reached into my left pocket and took out ten tiny, circular, blue pills. I reached up onto the top of the speakers and grabbed a crumpled up water bottle that was two-thirds empty. It wasn't mine but it didn't matter. I shoved the pills in my mouth and swallowed them quickly with the water. I knew nothing would happen right away so I had my last moment with the music. I let it consume me as I jumped in beat with everyone else, shouting, screaming, and singing along.

As my head began to spin I jumped higher and screamed louder. Everything got really intense, my senses heightened, and then the suddenly world began to slow down, life itself seemed to be happening in slow motion. My breathing slowed, as did my heart beat. The last thing I saw before passing out was Kevin whipping his brown sweaty hair and smiling directly at me. I fell, half on the stage and half on the floor. The music stopped suddenly and the crowd screamed in shock. "Back up!" Kevin shouted!

"Give her space" Manny ordered.

I felt a hand tap on my shoulder. "Can you hear me?" It wasn't a voice I recognized. I groaned in response. I was gently laid down on the stage. "Back up" they ordered again. "Can you tell me your name?"

"Maria" I muttered breathlessly.

My hearing began to drift as the called for help. "Do you know where you are Maria?" the voice asked as he knelt beside me. I couldn't speak.

"Get back! Everybody back up five feet and give her air"

"I have water!"

"Let them through!"

"Stand back!" The screams seemed to be getting quieter.

My eyes closed and my mind went numb.

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