Independance day

When an ordinary girl chooses one direction over her life…… what will happen will she pick Harry nial Louis zayn or liam


1. manager

My name is olive ok so you think one direction is sooooo hot we'll your wrong I live in a small town in England and my best friend is Amanda, my mom is a book writer and my dads is a manager

I woke up to my little sister screeming so I got out of bed and went to see what the matter is once I got down stairs i saw Harry nail Louis Liam and zayn my dad told me he was one directions new manager I stomped off to my room realizing I was being fallowed

I turned around it was Harry styles he asked me

Are you ok love?

I said ya but why did you call me love

He said because I like u

So at that moment I took off and ran into my room slammed the door and locked it. I sat down on my bed and my little sister opens the door

Get out

She said no don't you like dad working for one direction

I said get out

Later that day I went to my bathroom put on some makeup and but my blond/brunet hair I'm a messy bun I put on my hot pink bathing suit and drove to the beach once I got there I sat my umbrella up and layed town to tan moments later I heard a familiar voice so is took of my sun glasses and it was Harry

Can I lay by u love hay asked

Sure I said

So we layed down then after a while Harry got up and told me to come with him

He took me back to the house where all the boys were leaving

I think I might be falling for Harry

Dad told me that boys are going to their beach house and I could go so i packed up and went it was about and hour later once we arrived so Harry said I can share a bedroom with him and so we all went to unpack

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