The Story of My Life

Hi Guys (: I can never keep a diary on paper, so Imma try it on here and see how that works out. You could say that I have a pretty boring life, But I don't know. You get to decide now.


1. January 7th (About Me)


My name is Daniela and I am 15 years old. I'm a Directioner, Beaster, and Mahomie. They aren't my only favorites but they are the only ones that I can remember right now. I have two dogs; Daisy and Takis.

I think that I might have had a tough fifteen years of life. At nine, my parents got divorced. Just before that happened, my mom had had twin girls. So my mom had a handful with five children. Since she kicked my dad out, me and my older brother had to help her with twins and a little boy. And I don't blame her because my dad would get drunk a lot, but he promised that he would change. And he did keep his promise. It was my mom that didn't. She said that she would get back together with him if he changed.

Now, she's remarried and has a six-month-old baby. I don't like the guy that she got married with because he's too lazy and he only cares about himself and the little girl. That pisses me off because he married someone who already has five other children to take care of. I do feel like she has neglected us since she got married. But I know that I just gotta be strong. Sometimes my dad says that it's like I'm the one raising my sisters and my brother because my mom isn't always there when they need her.

I still see my dad and I'm so happy that I do because he's with me every step of the way. I don't live with him. I wish that I did, though. He always gives me great advice that I don't even know where I'd be without. Whenever I need something he usually gets it for me. I'm not spoiled, though. 

I fight with my mom a lot, though. I think it's mostly because of church because where she goes, is really strict. We aren't supposed to listen to music if it's not for God. And I'm, like, addicted to music. I listen to it 24/7. Even now, (And in case you're wondering, 'Do You Remember' by Jay Sean). So she yells at me a lot which makes me really mad because I just can't stop listening to the kind of music music that I like from one day to another.


I think those are the highlights that you should know about me, I'll try to update every day. If you have questions, Please comment.


-Daniela xx

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