Perfect life


1. Finding love

3 girls with the names of Audrey, Hailey, and Alyson were searching for love in summer. They went to the one place they thought they could find love.....the mall. When they reached the mall they went shopping in all different stores to find cute stuff to wear. After they were done shopping the bumped into 3 good looking guys with the names of Niall, Harry, and Louis. They treated them like regular guys without realizing that the were the guys from the band one direction. When they finally realized that they were the guys in one direction they tried not to freak out but it didn't work. They screamed so loud. They thought in there head "did we finally find true love?" Niall walked up to Audrey and asked her out on a date to the beach...of course she said yes. Harry walked up to Hailey and asked her out on a date to a very fancy restaurant...she also said yes. Alyson felt like no one would like her....she was so wrong. Louis came up to her and he kissed her on the cheek and he asked her out on a date to the movies. Each date was on the same day.....this Friday.

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