Hello To Goodbye (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Emalynn Rose is just a normal high schooler. And a big fan of One Direction. Until she finds out that her dad just got a job as the assistant for One Direction. Will she fangirl? Or will she act normal like they're just nothing.?,? Find out while reading '


4. What?

  *Louis's P.O.V.*


The Lads and I walked into Nando's because we were gonna get something to eat. Plus Niall really wanted to go there. While were walked in we were looking for a booth to sit at. But something really caught my eye..

"IF YOU DON'T COME BACK OR OBEY ME IM GONNA-" Oh man. There was a guy about 3 times the size of me, standing in front of a girl, She looked like a waitress. I really wanted to do something about it so I walked over and tapped the guys shoulder.

"Hey! What are you doing to this innocent girl? This is NO way to treat a lady!" I felt pretty confident of what i said. Right after i had spoken, which i was pretty nervous..but after i had spoken he had turned right around looking me right straight into my eyes looking evil. But it's nothing Louis the Tommo Tomlinson can't handle!

"Oh yeah? And what are you gonna do about it?!?! Pretty Booii!" Oh did this guy make me upset!!

"Well if you want to know what im gonna do...your gonna find out right now!!" While i said that, I punched him square in the jaw! He obviously  wanted to know what i was gonna do, so i showed him! No one messes with me!.! After all that happened I had asked very politely, if the girl was ok, and if anything else had happened.

"I'm ok...thanks though.." She replied..but i knew she wasnt ok.

"Hey..this is just a random, out of the blue question...but would you like to come to my flat just for a while? just to settle in? Please?! :'(" i said with a puppy dog face. Hey! it always works! On everyone!

"Umm well....er...um...i guess..i mean your Louis Tomlinson. So whats the  problem?"

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