Hi my name is Diana I have bright blue eyes and curly blonde hair.
I've been tossed around like a parcel for most of my life never knowing where I belonged all because my dad didnt have time to look after me since my mum died.
Then one day I get a call that I was not expecting!


1. As usual


I scrubbed the floor even though my arms felt like they were going to fall off.How had I ended up with my aunt and forced to be some sort of slave? Well I can answer that for you its very easy because my dad was too 'Busy' to look after his 17 year old daughter ever since my mum died on my eighth birthday and my dad needing to get a better job so that he could keep the house and yatter yatter yatter.

"DIANA WHERE ARE YOU?" My aunt Judy yelled from the kitchen

"Im in the living room scrubbing the floor like you asked me too" She came in wearing her pink high heels and her hot pink dress that was a little too short for a woman her age.

"Oh good there's someone on the phone for you. I dont know who it is but make sure you dont spend too long as your going to be giving me a massage remember?"

I shuddered I couldnt forget not with her reminding me every hour. I ran up to the phone.Ive never had a phone number before so this was really exciting.

"Hello?" I said down the line

"Hi is this Diana?"

"Yes who is this?" I asked silently

"Um I'm your dad" I dropped the phone and stood their listening to him saying 'hello is anyone there?' and slowly picked up the phone and placed it back to my ear.

"I'm still here dad" It felt strange saying that after so long.

"Well I just wanted to say that I...um...your going to come live with me" I froze. I was finally going to get out of this hell hole!

"Really when?" I said not hiding the excitment in my voice even though my aunt was eavesdropping.

"Um how about in an hour? I'll come pick you up" I squealed

"Yay I get to see you again" He laughed

"Oh and you'll get to meet the boys see you soon" And with that he hung up. What did he mean by meet the boys? Did he get married and have childeren? Oh well I'll see in an hour time to go and pack my stuff although that wont take long!

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