One Paige at a Time

Paige Mcarthy goes to her favorite coffee shop, The Java, every Saturday at least. But after three weeks of missing out, she comes back to find a new guy who adores her writing. It's cute and sweet until he gives her his number for her birthday. Everything. Becomes. Perfect. At least perfect enough for Paige. But the decision comes to be a lonely writer or a married writer at Missy's wedding. Can Paige take a long step and risk all of her writing reputation? Or will she always take it one page at a time


1. The Java

"Hey, I gotta go. See you in about two hours? Ok, bye." I tapped end and fixed my jeans. It was one of the greatest days of my life. Wendy Mass sent me a letter reviewing the first half of my new book. Wendy Mass!! She was one of my favorite authors when I first started writing. I looked up to her because of the creativity she put into every book! It was inspiring. I smiled for another millionth time that day. I'd gotten it in the morning when I was eating breakfast. I'd been flipping through the mail and nearly choked on a half of pancake. After a taxi dropped me off at Fryer St. to go to the post off with a thank-you letter for Wendy, I was heading to The Java for writing. I always went there every Saturday but missed out for three weeks because of relatives and publishing. I'd put out a new book, Fell Undone, a month ago and was caught up with fan mail. Finally, there was a free moment to spare. I pushed through the doors of The Java and sat at an empty seat in the back corner. I pulled out my torn up notebooks and pencils. Yes, I preferred notebooks more than a laptop. Books have always been more reliable to me. I cringed thinking about all my lost stories. I soon found myself lost in the romance of writing and scribbled in each page's crannies. I doodled hearts around character's names and drew their faces. I'd gotten stumped with writer's block about an hour and a half into it. I tapped my pen and glanced up at the menu. Hot chocolate was sprawled in big letters. It would've been better to get coffee but hot chocolate always got me thinking, like others do whilst showering. I stuffed my things in my bag and stepped up to the counter. "Can I help you?" A voice came. "Yes, I'll have a small hot chocolate and a medium, plain, cream cheese bagel." I looked down and my heart nearly stopped. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hey, guys. Author's note! This is the shortest chapter ever but effective! I'm M&M so Hiya! I literally came to Movellas 5 minutes ago so go easy. I hoped you all liked it! :P ~M&M
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