The kidnapper van


1. the white van

Lauren's pov

It was 11:00 o'clock when i was in the alley. That was my first mistake. The van swooped up and pulled up and pulled me in.

I woke up in the dark room that smelled of tomatos and rape. That's when he walked in and slammed the door behind him. I curled up in the corner in freight. He said it's ok I won't hurt u. Then he dragged me into the room and I screamed as he did "HELP" then he raped me for hours when I tried to get away he just pined me down to the bed even harder. I was threw into the same room when he was done. But this time I wasn't alone. I there was somebody else. He asked where am I. I didn't answer. The room fell silent for an hour or so and I finally sat up whipping the tears from my face saying I don't know, I don't know. Then he asked how did u get here. I then replied well I was walking in the alley to get to my car and a white van with tinted windows pulled up and pulled me in and once I was in the hit me with a frying pan and now I'm here getting raped by a mysterious man. then he said hi I'm Harry styles. I was also beated when u were being raped. They put me in a small room and an old man whipped me

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