One Direction Imagines

Ok. So I'm doing imagines again. So I will do dirty things but not too dirty. The first chapter will tell you what I need to know. Well, I hope I get to write as many as possible!


4. Kristine and Niall

Kristine and Niall

I sit on the couch watching tv. Niall is on his way over to pick me up. We are going somewhere, but I have no clue where. He's surprising me. We are going out. He's my boyfriend, I'm his girlfriend. I'm just really lucky to have him. All the girls at school fall head over heel for him. He doesn't even notice, he just keeps his eyes on me. I love him to pieces, he caring,sweet , lovable, ador- Ding Dong. Niall's here! I walk to the door, smiling huge. I open the door and see him standing there too, smiling. "You look beautiful, Krissi." He says sweetly. I feel like melting from his voice. "You too." I say, not knowing what to say. He leads me to his car and opens the door for me. I get in and he closes it and he quickly jogs over to his side. He climbs in and starts the car. "Now will you tell me where we are going?" I ask curious about our mystery date place. "Nope." He says popping the "p". He drives us to our destination. 

We get there and he lets me open my eyes. I see an old looking building but I see through the front door that it's fancy but not too fancy. I wore something perfect. "You like it?" He asks nervous. "Yeah. It must cost a lot Niall. I was expecting a picnic or something, not this." I say, giggling for some reason. "So, yes or no?" He asks. "Yes." I simply say and helps me out of the car. We get in and the waitress leads us to a room. That's empty. He reserved it just for us. She tries to flirt with Niall but he doesn't see it. She leaves with our drink orders. "Niall, you didn't have to do this." I say. He smiles beautifully and answers. "I did cause I love you so much." She comes back with our drinks. She "accidentally" spills one and it gets me soaking. "Oh no I'm so so so SO sorry." She says, trying to sound sorry. Niall rushes to my side and wraps his coat around me. "Well, be more careful and I'm already taken so too bad." He says to her and we leave. We get in the car and he puts his head in his hands. "I'm sorry Krissi." He says. "It's ok, I still got to go on half a date with you." I say shivering. He pats my thigh and drives. 

We get to his house and he helps me in. "Want something?" He asks. "Sure." "What do you want?" He asks. I look at the time. 9:35. "Ice cream." He smiles and gets everything out to make us sundaes.

We finish our sundaes and in on his couch with my head resting on his chest and he is playing with my hair. "Krissi?" "Yes?" I say looking up. He kisses me. He crashes his beautiful lips on mine. I kiss back and it's the best first kiss ever. We pull away and look into eachother's eyes. "I love you." He says and crashes his lips onto mine once more.


Hope you like it Kristine. I'll probably do maybe 1 or 2 tonight. I wish I could just spend a whole day doing all of your guys imagines. But I have school. Ugh. Anyway bye- Niall's lover

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