Just A Demon


1. Is this the end?

The blood dripped down my head and soaked my clothes, forming in a pool underneath me.

...Am I really going to die here…?  The groggy fog cloaking my mind had become heavy and almost welcoming as it consumed me.

“…heh…” I smirked at the thought of dying in such a stupid way. Of all the things that could have killed me…

I wiped the blood out of my eyes, then opened them as wide as I could. A small light like a flame appeared in the distance. It sparkled like a star and shimmered as it slowly got larger.

I attempted to sit up but body refused to respond so I just lay still. The light got brighter and I heard the soft sound of footsteps coming down the road.

My body felt like lead, though nothing hurt anymore, the light was uncomfortable…too bright. I closed my eyes

. I faintly heard a voice speaking but it didn’t matter, nothing mattered.

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