Hogwarts new girl

Carly Halford has left France and her beloved Beauxbatons Academy and is off on an adventure to Hogwarts back in England where she spent her whole life until she was ten. Now she is 16 she feels like it is a new start for her back where she really belongs. But will everything go to plan and will Carly struggle to get over the differences between Hogwarts and Beauxbatons????


1. Boarding the Hogwarts Express!

My mum pulled up outside the station. I could feel the tension in the air. We were both sad about saying goodbye but both happy about our new freedom and independence. I gave my mum a big hug - I wanted to hold onto this moment at least for now.

'Bye mum,' I said as I climbed out of the car and shut the door. I stood there waving until the car was out of sight before I heaved my trunk onto a trolley and found my way to the barrier between platforms nine and ten. I had heard about how people got to the Hogwarts station and I knew how to do it. When I got there I walked straight through the barrier and found myself on a new platform. I turned and saw a beautiful old scarlet steam engine, with smoke puffing from the funnel and students climbing on board in every cabin.

I soon realised that I was the only person there who was goggling at the train, so I pulled myself together and heaved my trunk into one of the empty little compartments. Then I sat down and sighed in relief. At last I was safely on my way to Hogwarts.

I decided to spy on people outside because it was fun seeing people's different characters and personalities. I was just watching a smaller boy with a muggle camera showing his brother some shots he took, when a plump, kind faced ginger woman came bustling through the barrier and she caught my attention. Two girls followed her, one of them with big, bushy, brown hair and quite large teeth and one of then the same gingery coloured hair as who I assumed to be her mother. After the girls came two boys, one with ginger hair like his sister and mother's and the other with messy black hair and circular glasses. When I looked closer at this boy I could see something on his forehead but I just couldn't make out what. Then I suddenly realised that it must be Harry Potter, the famous wizard who defeated You Know Who 16 years ago!

The four children were now getting onto the train and the woman was kissing each of them goodbye through the windows. The engine suddenly started up and the train began to move, getting faster and faster. A knock on the door of the compartment made me jump. It was the bushy haired girl and the two boys that I had been watching.

'Excuse me,' said the girl, 'but everywhere else is full. Please could we sit here?'

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