The Day of the Empty Hearse

Hailey is woken one night by a knock at the door. Sherlock Holmes and the Doctor are stood on her doorstep. She is caught between which one to go with- solve murders with Sherlock, or travel through space and time with the Doctor? Hailey can only choose one and this seems to be the greatest decision of all before a lifetime of adventures.


1. The Knock at the Door

"Don't you dare interrupt me for the next hour and a half!" I called to my younger sister, Helena.

"Why?" Helena asked, the picture of stupidity.

"Why do you think, idiot?"

"Oh, Sherlock, of course." Helena added a hint of mockery to her tone.

"Don't say it like that!"

"Why not? It's a stupid TV show. That Sherlock is such a show-off, he calls people idiots all the time. And he thinks that everyone is stupid."

"That's how he was written in the books." I replied, defending my favourite program.

"And that Benedict Cumberbatch is as ugly as hell. I don't get how you find him attractive!"

"I don't get how you don't. You find that guy in NCIS: Los Angeles attractive."

"Chris O'Donnell for your information." My sister pointed out.

"Oooh that's it! He's not even that good looking, and mum said you couldn't watch that."

"No! She said I could watch it when I turned fifteen, and I'm fifteen now!"

"Oh, pish."

"You watch your stupid Sherlock, and I'll watch my NCIS: LA." Helena said, stalking out of my room.

I scowled at my sister's back, before she left to watch TV in her room. She just didn't understand my love for Sherlock, and she certainly would never understand my love for Doctor Who either. Helena hated all British TV except for Downton Abbey. Downton Abbey, of all things! She preferred all the American shows like NCIS and CSI. I turned back to my TV and pressed play, coaxing the Sherlock theme tune out of the speakers, blasting out at volume 45, just to annoy Helena.

"What the actual hell are you doing, you selfish cow!" Just as I'd thought, Helena screamed through our dividing wall between our rooms.

"Alright, alright! It's going down!"

"Stupid sister." I heard Helena mutter.

I ignored her and settled to watch Sherlock, a little smile curving my lips when I saw Benedict Cumberbatch come on the screen.


"Why don't you go shopping on Wednesday after work? As you finish early, that will give you time to go shopping then, and leave Saturday free." I suggested to my mum, who was having difficulties working out a schedule.

"You little genius. Why didn't I think of that?" Mum replied, considering her diary.

"Because you're an idiot." Dad looked sharply at me, I smiled and added, "no, no, no, don't be like that, practically everyone is."

"Oh, you've been watching Sherlock haven't you?" My dad smiled at me.

I grinned back, "how well you know me!"

"Anyway, we need to talk to you about tonight." My mum swiftly changed the subject, she didn't mind me watching my TV programs, but she hated it when I kept talking about them.

I looked at her quizzically. "What's happening tonight?"

"Your father and I are going out to dinner at the Prancing Pony, that new pub in London; Helena is going out to Jasmine's house for a sleepover, and we were wondering what you were thinking of doing? Would you like to invite a friend round? You haven't had Abbie round in a while." My mum watched me slowly get happier at an evening on my own.

"It's okay, mum. I'll be fine by myself."

"I'm just a little worried about you, being left alone. We're not coming back until twelve, at the earliest." Mum fretted at the smallest things, and today was no different.

"Ceinwyn, she'll be fine. She's seventeen, for goodness' sake! She can manage alone for a few hours." My dad attempted to comfort my mum, before the worry lines got any deeper.

"If she's sure...?" Mum relaxed a little, but she was still very clearly worried.

"I'll be fine. I'll just watch a film or some TV, let the dogs out and go to bed at about twelve-ish. Relax, mum."

"Okay, okay, just call if you need us."

"Yes mum."


I switched off the TV and let Jess and Jake, my border collies, into the back garden. When they returned, I ensured that the door was locked, the lights were turned off and everything electrical was shut down for the night. Just as I was making my way upstairs, I heard a knock at the door.

My heart began to thump in my chest, who could want us at this hour?

I had just turned back round and had reached the bottom step, when I heard a very familiar voice speak from the doorstep.

"Why don't you just use your sonic screwdriver?"

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