The Triwizard Tournament

In Marcus fourth year Hogwarts places the Triwizard Tournament. Harry Potter gets called out but what will happen when Marcus accidentals switch places with Harry and takes his place in the Triwizard Tournament.


1. The Portkey

I woke up and climbed out of bed. I quickly got changed. I looked over the room and saw that i was now as tall as Jacob. He strode over to me."Your awake. So its your fourth year at Hogwarts now. Anyway lets go." He said. We both walked down the curving stairs that swirled down. There were three floors and the fourth which was the attic. We were at Maisey's house, finally after years of her asking to come and see it. 

"What will we learn this year?" I said.

"I don't remember, it was a fast year for me and it was only last year."

"Oh right, i only remember my first year the most."

At the bottom of the stairs was Maisey.

"Well see ya."

I was alone with Maisey.

"Hey." She said quietly.


"Were going to the Quidditch World Cup today. We will meet George on the way."

"Right, there probably waiting."

We walked into the kitchen together and around the corner was a long table. I sat at the end staring right down to the end at Matt. The rest of my family were on this half and Maisey's on the other. Matt stumbled over and sat next to me.


Later everyone was packed and breakfast was finished about half an hour ago. We went straight for the door and through the forest. The adults went first.

"Please say were not walking there." Mumbled Jacob.

"Yeah right if i knew that i would of taken my broomstick." I laughed.

"Keep up boys." Said Maisey's dad.

We were falling behind quickly. Maisey and Beth were talking infront of us. Me and Jacob were falling behind them as for Matt was leading the way up ahead. "There you are gentlemen."

"What now." Said Jacob.

We ran and caught up. George was walking with his dad and his two brothers behind him with his mum.

"There very great boys but sometimes three is a hassle." Said Georges Mum.

"Well when you got a boy like Marcus he is full of himself and its like having three boys." Said my mum.

"That makes me lucky to have two girls Maisey is lucky to meet Marcus and George." Said Maisey's mum.

I looked at Jacob who looked back.

"Why do they have to talk so loud." I said.

"At least my mum isn't saying im big to handle." Laughed George.

We made it to the Portkey.

"Where are we?" Demanded Jacob. "We've been walking for hours."

"No more like half an hour. Gather around." Said Maisey's dad  who was the leader.

We all copied and held on to the Portkey. It started spinning and suddenly we all flew through air.

"I wish i did bring my broom now." I said as i started falling and so did the others.


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