The problem with love

Harry Styles was never one of those guys to fall in love, let alone have a girlfriend, but soon the magazine headlines are taken over with his name as the headliner.: 'Who is this mystery girl that has captured the pop star's attention?'


1. Prologue

I was never one of those guys who cared about being in a relationship or fitting in with the popular crowd. I just let whatever happened happen and it never seemed to fail. Yes, I had crushes, but I never really cared to have a girlfriend. Being single means more freedom, freedom from getting in trouble by looking at other girls and from trying to always include your "other half" in all of your plans. Anyway, I always let fate decide what I accomplished in my life and rolled with it.

I had a good group of friends, I worked at a bakery, and I was in a band. How could life get any better? I hardly believed it could, but then fate decided that the next big thing to happen in my life would be the X Factor. Don't get me wrong, I loved every minute of it, but it would've been less memorable without my four best friends/brothers and ever since it has been a roller coaster ride of events, from winning awards to going on world tours, I knew that I could never dream of doing anything else.

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