Living With One Direction

Morgan Hall a 18 year old moves in with her dad and... Well you'll just have to find out


18. Chapter 18

*October 5th*



Today is Morgan's birthday and we are throwing her a huge party tonight with family and friends, even her mom is coming. My parents are coming because i wanted them to meet Morgan today. I am making breakfast for her right now. It's just Liam and I right now and we were talking about soccer. He didn't get to try out because he had to go home those days, there was a family thing I guess. The season is almost over this is the last month, because it starts to get colder in November. About 10 minutes later Morgan came down the stairs still in her pj's (basketball shorts and a t-shirt).


"Happy birthday babe," I said to her as I kissed her on the lips.


"Thanks babe," she said.


"Happy birthday Morgan," Liam said from the table.


"Thanks Leeyum," she said as she gave him a hug.


"Here's your breakfast," I said.


"Why thank you kind sir," she joked," thanks Niall. "When is everybody coming over?"


"Around 4ish and it's 10 now," I said as I looked at the clock.


Everybody moved out Harry kept the original house that everybody once lived in, Louis and Eleanor and the boys have a house a little down the road from Harry's, Zayn and Perrie got a new house a couple of blocks away, Morgan and I have a nice house across the road from Louis and Eleanor, and Liam has a house next to ours he came over last night to have a movie night and we all fell asleep on the couches.




It's almost time for the party and I have the perfect gift for my beautiful girlfriend, I got her an engagement ring. I know we've only been dating a year but we both know we want to get married. All the guys are here with there girlfriends except Liam still hasn't found anyone yet. Morgan's friends Josie, and Morgan just got here and Morgan said that Izzy, was on her way. Soon Izzy got here, Stephen, Mason, Jacob, Leo, Montana and Allie got here. Mom and dad plus Greg and Denise with little Theo were already here. And the party begins.



All the adults were wide awake while all the kids were asleep in one of the bedrooms. Things were getting quieter and it was time to give Morgan her presents.

I'm going to list what she got from everybody:


Izzy: necklace that says best friends forever

Morgan: a bracelet that has a soccer ball charm

Josie: got a basketball charm to go on the bracelet

Montana: a One Direction t-shirt and on the back it said when were you going to tell me you live with them love you Montana

Allie: a photo album with all the stuff they did together

Stephen: a picture frame with a picture of them from when they were younger

Mason: a new basketball

Jacob: a iPhone case with pictures of them from when they were younger on it

Leo: pictures of them in Gus Mackers (basketball tournament)

Liam: collage of pictures of them

Harry: a best friend bracelet

Jacci: bracelet that had the words sisters before misters

Zayn and Perrie: a blank photo album for later on pictures

Louis, Eleanor and the boys: a picture of her with the boys the day they were born

Her mom: a camera

My parents: a $100 dollar gift card to Nando's

Greg, Denise, and Theo: a $50 gift card to Jack Wills


It came my turn and I pulled her up and got down on one knee," Morgan Nicole Hall, you make me the happiest guy on earth, I love you with all my heart and I want you to have my kids and I want you to be my wife, I want you to be Mrs. Horan. Will you marry me?" she looked at me with tears in her eyes and nodded her head. I stood up and gave her a very passionate kiss, we separated and I slid the ring on her finger, "I love you," I whispered.


"I love you, too," she said.

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