True Love

Caitlyn and Aimee run into two members of one direction what will happen? Will it be a happy ending? Or will the fame and fans get in the way of there love?


1. The Meeting

Caitlyn and Aimee decide to have a girl’s night out to an amusement park. Supposedly, One Direction was attending the open night and were going to perform but it was just a rumour. They were on the Ferris Wheel when they saw crowds of people gathered around someone. The crowd is all girls and they hear squealing. Aimee and Caitlyn got off of the Ferris Wheel and kept asking “WHO?” but no one would say. There’s was sudden stampede when one girl thought she saw him. Aimee jumps out the way of the stampede just in time but Caitlyn got pushed down and stepped on and everything. She cried out but no one heard her. Aimee helped Caitlyn get up, saying that she had seen Niall. Tears kept rolling down Caitlyn’s dirty cheeks as she went to the bathroom and grabbed a few pieces of toilet paper; trying to clean up the mess she called her face. A bathroom stall opens and she felt a hand cover her mouth.

“Don’t say anything” said a deep but calming voice.

No matter how calm the voice made her she tried to scream but the hand was too strong. Finally the hand is removed from her mouth she collapsed with her hands on the sink, heart beating fast. Whilst trying to get her breath back she looked in the mirror to see it was Harry Styles who had put his hand over her mouth.

“What are you doing…. in the girl’s bathroom?” she says softly but her voice was shaky.

He shuffles his feet sheepishly. “Well… I… I thought this would be the last place they’d look. And I’m not a perv— I swear!”

Caitlyn giggled a little at his answer. He then asks what happened she explains.

“Here. Let me help.” Harry takes the paper towel out of her hand and insists that she sits on the edge of the sink while he helps her clean most of the dirt away.

“Thanks” Caitlyn replies modestly.

Caitlyn slides off the sink and then turns to give him a hug, but they hear a noise and Harry decides to escape through the window, giving her a wink as he slides out. She grins and puts her jacket back on, realizing there’s a piece of paper in the pocket. It is Harry’s phone number with a note P.S Call me soon Harry xx. Aimee made Caitlyn call Harry later that night to ask for Niall’s phone number! Caitlyn finally gave in.

“Hi, Harry speaking.” Harry says in his deep voice.

“Hey it’s Caitlyn, the girl from the amusement park bathroom” Caitlyn says shyly.

“Hey! How are you feeling after your… accident?” Harry asked concerned about you.

“I’m fine, can I ask you a question?” she asked shyly.

“Sure, I guess, what’s up?” Harry replied with an unsure voice.

“Why did you leave your number in my pocket?” Caitlyn asked curiously.

“Because you seemed like an amazing young girl and you weren’t squealing in my face. Plus I thought that maybe you might need help remembering things since you bumped your head” he laughed softly.

Caitlyn laughs slightly then says “Do you mind giving my Niall’s number my friend Aimee would love to speak to him.”

“Really? Are you just trying to make excuses for the fact that you don’t like me and you like Niall?”

“Yes really it is for my friend. I promise but if it’s too much to ask don’t worry.” Caitlyn replied reassuringly.

“No, I’ll send it to you. I’m sorry I have to go but I’ll talk soon. Bye Caitlyn.” Harry said sweetly.


Hi guys so this is my first attempt at writing so I hope you like it :) I love the imagines on here you guys are so talented at writing :) I'll update soon

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