The Chase

Do opposites attract? Find out when badass Harry meets normal Chloe. Things change fast in college don't they? ;)


1. Chapter 1

Chloe's POV

*Beep beep beep beeep beeeeep beee-*

Ugh that noise. I hate that noise. I don't want to get up. I look at the clock and see that it's only 7:15. Maybe I could sleep for five more minutes... No I can't, I'll surely fall back asleep. Normally I would be excited to wake up and go to class because I'm in college now, but somehow it's less exciting to wake up for a class at 8am. I roll out of bed and notice that my roommate Alex is still deep in slumber. Man I wish I was her right now. I grab a pair of jeans and a hoodie as I head down to the showers. I'm not really in the mood to dress up because it's cold as hell outside, I'm in the mood to be comfortable, and I really don't care what the other people in my class think of my appearance. I'm instantly relieved as I step in the steaming hot water and start to wash my long brown hair with warm vanilla shampoo. It's sad to think that this shower will probably be the highlight of my day. I reluctantly step out of the shower and throw my wet hair up into a bun while getting dressed and I apply some eye makeup before heading back to my room to grab my books. As I'm opening my door I notice a couple of boxes in front of the room across from mine. Hmm, there must be somebody new moving in, but I wonder who. I live in a co-ed dorm so it could be anyone. As I grab my books I look at the clock and notice that it's already 7:50! Shit! I scream "bye" to Alex as I slam the door and haul it to class.

I look like a total crazy person running across campus, but I wouldn't have made it to class on time if I didn't. I walk into class out of breath and take my normal seat next to my best friend Nick. His name is Nick but I call him Nicky. We exchange our goodmornings before I pull out my notes from last class to start reviewing them. The professor is silently grading papers as we silently work when the class phone rings. He answers it and seems to be pleased with what's being said on the other line because his face splits into a grin. He says thankyou before hanging up the phone and turning to us.

"Class, we have a new student transferring in and he should be here any minute" Professor hodges says with a boasting smile. It's only a new student, why is he so happy about that? I turn to Nicky and give him the "What the fuck" face regarding professors attitude, and he chuckles before saying

"There aren't normally a lot of transfer students into an advanced social science class, so a new student is something a professor of that subjuct would get excited about". I look around the room and realize that he's right; there are only maybe about 20 students in our class. I guess this isn't a popular subject. The classroom chatter dies down as a tall, curly haired boy with tattoos up and down him arms and across his chest walks into the room. He's wearing tight black jeans, a half unbuttoned shirt, and a beanie. He's so hot. I don't think I've ever been as attracted to someone as I have him. My mind is jumbled and before I know what I'm saying I blurt out "Jesus, he's gorgeous" louder than intended. The whole class looks at me and laughs, including the professor and the boy, who turn their heads and smile at me. Oh my God, did I really just say that? My face turns a deep shade of red as I look down pretending to be interested in my notes.

Professor steps in front of the class with the boy and says "Class, this is our new student, Harry Styles. He just moved here from England, so he fairly new and could sure use some showing around. Chloe, since you seem to have taken such an interest in him, maybe you could show him around." he says to me with a smirk across his face. Man I really hate him right now. I manage to choke out a quiet "yea um ok". I feel all eyes in the class burning on me and I blush even more. The professor gives us our weeks assignment and dismmisses the class after introducing Harry. I pick up my books and try to rush out of class with my head down, but before I make it out I bump into someone; the one someone I didn't want to bump into; Harry.

"I... Umm. Umm ya I am umm sorry sorry about that" I stutter as I reach down and try to quickly pick up all my stuff. I stand up and look at him and he is staring at me with amusement. What? Is he enjoying my embaressment or something? I turn to walk away but he grabs my arm and turns me to face him.

"Hi, I'm Harry AKA the gorgeous boy" he laughs. "And you must be Chloe" he laughs once more, obviously enjoying the reaction he is getting out of me right now. "So Chloe, am I going to get my private tour?" He says and winks at me. Is he taunting me? I start to just freeze up and I turn away and bolt for my room, leaving my books stranded on the floor after I dropped them a second time.

Once I get in my room I find myself on the floor crying. I'm so humiliated by what happenned during and after class today. I don't even know why I'm crying. I barely know this boy, yet I feel the need to impress him.

I hear the door open and Alex walks in and before looking at me says "Omg have you seem that new hot guy Harry who just moved into the room across from us". At the sound of his name I cried harder and Alex turned her head towards me concern covering her face. "Chloe? What the hell? Are you ok?" I didn't want her to think something was really wrong with me, so I told her what happenned today involving Harry. By the end of my story Alex was giggling to herself. I was actually glad that she was laughing because it let me know that this wasn't even a big deal. We both laughed it off and I wiped away the rest of my tears. Alex got up and touched up her lipgloss before heading to the door.

"Where are you going" I asked her.

"To go help that Harry kid unpack. He has a lot of stuff and looks like he could use some help, and who knows, maybe I'll even get his number." She winks at me and I laugh. "You should come too Chloe. Maybe you could properly introduce yourself after this morning" she adds on. Should I go with her, No, I can't. I can't face him after this morning. He'll probably be freaked out know the psycho girl from this morning found his dorm. Hopefully Alex won't tell him that I'm her roommate. She leaves and I stay in the room. About five minutes later there's a knock on the door. Wow, Alex is back already? I walk over to the door and open it as I'm saying "Back so soon?" Expecting it to be Alex. I was sorely mistaken when I was greeted with tattoos and a tall curly haired boy.

"You left these today when you stormed off on me lovely" Harry said in his sexy accent as he handed me my books.

"I.. Umm.. Erm.... Thanks" I said as I grabbed my books from his hands. Our skin brushed as I was getting the books and I felt a spark.

"So, how about that tour? I promise I won't bite" he said to me as he took a seat on my bed. Omg I think I might faint........

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