Kailyn and her friend were going to a football game. It was Manchester United playing in New York. Little did she know Niall and Louis we're going too because they had a short break and we're able to go.


1. chapter 1

Kailyn's POV

I was on my way to a Manchester United vs arsenal game with my friend Ashely. I was visiting her in New York because I moved to London. We got there and we found our seats. I said to Ashley " I have to go to the loo". I went and on my way back I ran into two people in hoodies and sunglasses. "Sorry" I said to them. "What's your name" they asked. "Kailyn, what are yours" I asked. I looked up into his blue eyes and couldn't help but stare. The one with the blue eyes said "Niall" with a thick Irish accent. The other said "Louis". "Oh" I said "are you from one direction?". Niall said "yes but don't tell anyone okay?". I said "I won't tell, where are your seats?". Niall said "103 how about you Louis?". "102" Louis said "how about you Kailyn?". "104 and my friend is 105" I said "what are you doing at a football game in USA?". Louis said "we had a day of and saw this game since Manchester United is my favorite team we decided to come". "Isn't it called soccer here" Niall asked. "Yea" I said "but I moved from here to London and came back to visit an old friend".

Ashely's POV

"Who are those two you were talking to?" I asked. "Niall and Louis from one direction but don't tell anyone that that is who it is okay" Kailyn said. I said "okay". They came over and introduced themselves then the game started.

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