Warrior Cat

a cat


1. In The Woods!

Once there was a cat named Gem. She was gray with white paws. She was a leader of her tribe. One afternoon Gem had six babies. She named them Tiger, Gray Fang, Ruby, Misty, and the runt of the litter White Paw. White Paws best friend was a runt to. His name was Godzilla. No one knew why they called him that but White Paw. She thought it was because he was strong inside and never scared much. He had a strong heart and never was mean to her. They were on the north side. Everyone on the east and west liked them but that was much different from the south. The south didn't like them. They were sworn enemies since their great grand dads fought over a mouse. They never liked each other since. They were always fighting over who gets what. White Paw was a smart child. She always knew what to do and when to do it. When her family went hunting she would stay home with Godzilla and his mom. His mom was one of the closest friends to her mom. His mom was one of the trainers. She was the one who taught Godzilla and White Paw. She thought of White Paw as family. They usually practiced hunting twigs for fun. One day White Paw asked her mom if she and Godzilla could go hunting with them. She told both she and him can come with them. When they started their trip into the woods her mom told them to be quiet and what ever happens stay away from other cats. They were very quiet then they split up. White Paw first saw a rabbit, she stayed low a quickly jumped and caught it. Then she saw at least ten mice then she barely had a chance to look at them then she jumped so high in the air then landed with a thump!!! She quickly stood up, dashed at the mice and caught six of them. After a hour later of hunting they all met back at their meeting spot. White Paw could barely fit all of the stuff in her mouth. They brought all of their stuff home and once the counted it White Paw had the most food. She even got almost six more then her mom got. She got a lot


of mice. Her family was so proud of her that they gave her three whole mice! Then Godzilla got two mice because he caught one more than White Paws mom. Then they gave the scraps to their tribe.The tribe was always happy when they got the extra scraps. Like White Paws mom always said "give a bit to others and you will feel good". 


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