One Direction Imagines

anyone want a one direction imagine? if so just comment below your name, the boy you want and any additional information you would like in there.
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2. for Karina (Zayn)


You just off work and all you wanted to do was to go home have a cup of hot tea, and cuddle with you boyfriend Zayn. You pulled up in the drive way and sighed in relief you could finally go home and relax, or so you thought. When you walked in the door you saw Zayn come down the stairs and you could tell something was wrong he wasn't himself, he actually seemed pretty angry about something." Zayn what's wrong?" you asked worried about him, considering he's never acted like this ever since you have know him.'' you want to know what's wrong I come home from tour and the house is terrible looking. Looked like a dang tornado went through it. I was away for how many months and I come home to this crap not to mention you don't want to spend time with me your always at work or somewhere else. For all I know you could be out cheating on me.''  You gasped taken back what he had just said instead of breaking down into tears (like you wanted to.) you shot back at him." first of all the house isn't that bad its just the laundry and the dished needed to be washed it would help if you get off your lazy butt and do something to help out. Second of all I do want to spend time with you, I cant help that they put me into over time and why the hell would I cheat on you and who would I even cheat on you with?" You could not even believe that he would think this it also angered you so much to know this, words could not describe the emotions that you were feeling at this given time. ''well you know I was wondering the same things on who you would cheat on me with and why so why don't you explain yourself since I caught in your "little act". SO GO AHEAD AND EXPLAIN IT TO ME KARINA!!!!!" You couldn't even comprehend what he was saying to you so you lost it, you broke down into tears and ran up stairs to pack your bag you were going to stay at your best guy friends house. You walked out of the house leaving a pissed and emotionally/mentally confused Zayn. As you arrived at your best guy friends house (who just happens to be Niall Horan.) you knocked at the door in tears Niall opens the door delighted that your here and confused about why you here at this hour of the night ,but as soon as he sees your tear stained face he understands and is for sure about one thing and that is he knew this had something to do with Zayn. ''Come in love, is everything okay?" he asked in his thick irish accent with blue eyes full of concern. '' No not really. It's Zayn he....he Niall I don't know what's wrong with him I walked in the door and he just st...started yelling at me Niall I don't even know what I did he was just so angry with me and I cant understand what I did. He thought I cheated on him and didn't want to spend time with him.... Niall I don't know what to do.'' You were in tears as you said all this making it hard for Niall to understand, the other thing he didn't understand was why Zayn would even think that something had been up with him lately but he didn't think he would take it out on you. As he calmed you down you eventually fell asleep in Niall's arm, as he carefully picked you up and brought you to the bed he then slipped out into the late nights air to make a phone call to non other the Zayn Mailk.'' WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING TAKING ALL YOUR ANGER OUT ON HER WHEN SHE DIDNT DO ANYTHING TO YOU?" Niall yelled at him as soon as he picked up the phone not even giving Zayn a chance to say hello. As he continue to yell at him Zayn cut him off ''look I know screwed up don't you think that I can see that I could possibly loose the best thing that has ever happened to me I don't know why I took everything out on her I just don't know,'' as he finished up Niall said one more thing before hanging up '' I don't even know why you did what you did and knowing her she will take you back but you need to find a way to make that up to her OK???!!!!" with that he hung up. Zayn had a plan to get you back and he was going to make it big. So it was around noon and Niall had forced you to get dressed and look decent even if you weren't going to the store with him. After Niall left to go to the store the door bell rung so you walked to the door and opened it and what you saw was the last thing you were expecting you saw Zayn in a tux down on one knee. ''Karina I love you and was the biggest jerk in the world the night before could you forgive me and do me the honor of being my wife?" and that was the last thing you expected to hear as he was saying this you looked into his eyes and saw that what he was saying was true so without hesitating you screamed " yes I love you more then the world and you are forgiven so yes!!!'' and with that you went back home with Zayn to call and tell everybody and to start planning your wedding with the man of your dreams.

A/N: hope you liked it and to all the other people waiting on there imagines I will get to them as soon as I can its really late where i live and sadly  have school tomorrow so will get to them as soon as possible.

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