Saved by my bully

Leah is the nerd in her school and has a hard life at home, her dad died when she was three her mom is an alcoholic and beats her everyday and she gets bullied by the most popular person in school, Harry Styles. Will her bully finally save her or keep bullying her?


1. Beginning of a Fun life (not)

Leah's p.o.v

Hi my name is Leah, i am 19 my dad died when i was three and mom became an alcoholic and abused i go to Holmes Chapel University Anyway, back to the story.I woke up to my alarm on my iPhone 5s, Great the first day of high school. So i did my regular routine, take a shower, brush my teeth, wash my face. I walk over to my walk in closet and pick out my outfit for the day so i decided on some short shorts, and a pink blouse that says" Haters can hate" then i grabbed by book bag ran down the stairs thank god my moms asleep i put my converse on walked out the door on walked to my 1996 kia got in started it up and drove to school.

---------at school---------


Harry's p.o.v

i saw Leah park and get out. i tell the boys "i will be right back" they nod their heads.  i walk up to her and say" Hey fatty" she just keeps her head down and pushes past me.

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