Teasdale's Daughter | l.p (Completed)

I'm Jenny Teasdale. My life isn't the regular 18 year old life. My mom is the make-up atrist for the band One Direction. Me being her daughter, i'm on tour with her all the time because she likes to have help. I'm around them non-stop because well, my mom wants me to date on of them. Not that i'm complaining...
~Cover credit- CorkyPorky


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Hey guys:D i'm so sorry this took so long to update! I had started this chapter and was almost finished until my mom closed down the computer and it was all deleted-,- I wan't in the mood to rewrite again, so I waited till now. Hope you movella'ers don't get too mad:( This shouldn't happen to often, but expect it. My mom does stuff like that. Anyways thank you for the favs and likes! Don't forget to fan me and hopefully you'll stay throughout this whole fanfic:) Love youuu!xxx


Jenny's pov~

Ugh I hate mornings. Nothings worse then waking up tired, sore, hormonal and to bad smells. I scrunched my nose up in disgust and rolled to the side, completely forgetting that i'm in a small bunk that's 6 feet from the floor. I screamed and fell to the ground with a thump. I rolled onto my back and groaned in pain, covering my face with my hands. 

"Need some help love?" I heard a feminine voice ask with a small snicker. I peeked between my fingers and saw Louis. 

"Oh sure." I replied sarcastically, batting his hand away and standing up groggily, steadying myself with the walls. 

"Suit yourself." He mumbled with a slight scoff and stalked into the main area to join the other boys as I regained my balance. 

"You just had to wake me up yeah?" Zayn sighed angrily from the bunk on my left. I looked at him and raised my eyebrows. He narrowed his eyebrows and crawled out of his bed with only boxers on. May I say... Holy crap. 

I stared with a open mouth and I swear I was drooling. "You okay doll?" He snickered to me, stroking his chin. 

"Wha- Oh yeah fine." I stuttered in embarrassment looking at my feet. He laughed and ruffled my messy bed-hair jokingly. I walked with him to where all the boys were, shirtless. 

I managed to not drool and I stared at the ground. I should get a award for that. It's hard work.

I sat down and sighed. I could hear the boys holding back laughter, and Niall, well he just laughs out loud as usual. 

"Niall, if you could shut-up, that'd be great." I snarled to him in annoyance giving him a rock hard stare. This just made him laugh even harder. Everyone else was silent, knowing I was dead serious. "Niall.." Liam warned, but Niall didn't seem to hear him. He had tears building up in his eyes as he let out another heavy laugh. I lunged at him, out of patience and knocked him to the ground. 

"Wh-what?" He sputtered, and laid still for a minute as I had him pinned down. He frowned and knocked me down, fighting back. I punched him in the arm and he let out a yelp and pouted at me. We were soon in the midst on scrambling limbs of us fighting. In the moment, I realized the bus was currently not moving. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the door swinging open then my mom walked in, stopping in her tracks. Shit. We were pulled apart by the boys and I turned to see my mom with her arms crossed and tapping her foot.

"May I ask what is going on?" She asked clearing her throat. 

"Ah uhm.. bonding..?" I tried half heartedly and bit down on my lip harder than I intended to, drawing a bit of blood. Niall was breathing hard and looked utterly stunned at what had just gone down. 

"Don't try that with me young lady. You know better than this!" She yelled throwing her arms around in dis-belief. 

"Hey! I'm hormonal! Don't blame me! They should know that girls get like that!" I argued back, literally yelling as loud as I could. The boys were dead silent, you couldn't even hear them breath. All you could hear was me and my moms screams and heavy breathing. 

"I do not want to have this happen again. Do you hear me?" She threatened getting up in my face, wagging a finger at me. 

"Okay." I said quietly knowing this was a battle not worth fighting for. I mean, she would ground me anyways. 

"Okay. You guys have a day to explore Liverpool. The show's at 7:30PM so be there a few hours early. I expect all of you to bond for real." She said giving me a stare. We all nodded and she exited. 

"Okay well lets get ready and head out!" Liam said enthusiastically breaking the awkward silence. I nodded and scampered for the bathroom thinking I was going to have to fight for it, only to see that I was home-free. They were stripping down already in the mean area so i'm good. I scoffed and shook my head at them before snatching my clothes and changing. 

I walked out and looked to see that they were already outside, and had left the door open with the sun shining in. I smiled a closed smirk and padded outside. I slipped my glasses on and pulled my skirt up to my bellybutton and I heard 'Oohs' 

"Be quiet." I laughed and hit Harry playfully who was already checking me out. "Where to today?" I asked looking up at the clouds. 

"I was thinking the park? Get some ice cream and have a kick around?" Liam suggested with a shrug and the boys nodded in agreement. 

"Then some shopping?" I asked hopefully, giving Harry a puppy dog pout. He smiled and responded, "Then shopping." And I let out a happy squeal and gave him a happy handshake. The boy's laughed at us and then slid on dark sunglasses. 


We arrived at the park and walked towards the ice cream shack. "What would you like?" Liam asked sweetly giving me and smile. 

"How about.." I trailed off looking at the menu deep in thought. "The cookies and cream please!" I decided pointing at the menu. He leaned in and read it off to the ice cream man. We got our ice cream and joined the other boys on the park bench.

"Hey Niall," I paused quietly and his head drooped down. "I'm sorry for this morning. I'm not a morning person and I shouldn't have acted out like that. I want to be somewhat friends." I poured out to him and he looked up to me.

'It's okay. I do too." He sighed giving me a toothy smile. I grinned back and wrapped him up in a warm hug. "Don't be expecting me to be all nice now." I warned him with a smile. He rolled his eyes at me with a laugh and pulled me up. "Let's join those losers now eh?" He winked at me and we raced to the small soccer field.

"Beat you!" He yelled fist pumping the air in victory. I gave him a hard push and laughed. 

"I'll get you next time." I shot back and he started singing a Irish traditional song of some sort and dancing madly. 

"Your crazy!" I decided giving him the 'Shame' sign. He ignored me and continued on. I left him to embarrass himself and approached Liam.

'Hey-" He started then his phone rang. "One sec." He murmured and answered the call. I nodded then his smile grew larger and larger. 

"Daniiii!" He screeched into the phone and when he smiled, his eyes crinkled up. "You know he's happy when he does that." I remembered from a fan post I read not to long ago. "What do you mean your here?" He asked with a smile and then his jaw dropped. "Where are you?!" He yelled looking around wildly.

"I SEE YOU!" He screamed and I leaned away as he ran into a direction and pulled a girl into his arms. I looked behind me and saw all the boys smiling like idiots, obviously happy for Liam. He kissed her passionately and I blinked back tears. "Don't cry, don't cry."  I repeated over to myself and then once they stopped sucking eachother's faces off, they turned to us. 

"Jenny, this is my girlfriend Dani." He said introducing us with the biggest grin i've ever seen on his face. His eyes showed pure love for her, and I know I could never beat that. 

"Hi!" She smiled sweetly and reached for my shaking hand. I shook her hand and gave her a tiny smile shyly.  

"Nice to meet you." I squeaked with my voice trembling, threatening to break into sobs. I looked up at her and wow. She's perfect.   

With that, I broke down into tears and her face turned to shock and she looked to Liam for back-up.

"Jen, whats wrong? Niall instinctively running up and holding me by the shoulders. I opened my mouth to speak but then sobs came out. I pulled away from his grip and ran to the nearest bathroom to lock myself in. 

"What the fuck!" I screamed as loud as I could once I was safely locked in a public bathroom. I started crying even harder and I started hiccuping.

"I'm a fucking screw up!" I screamed, cursing as I leaned my forehead against the stall door and just cried. I recovered and came out to the mirror. I looked at my reflection and saw a mess. 

Smudged make-up.

Messy hair.

Puffy eyes. 

Nothing the regular Jenny would be like. 

I looked at the ground and saw a big rock. I heaved it up and threw it at the mirror with a yell. The mirror instantly shattered to pieces and I picked a piece up with shakey hands and blurry vision from tears. 

I raised it to my wrist and let out a sob.

"One for being a screw up." I said in a straight tone with my voice breaking and I pulled the glass across my wrist slicing my skin deep. 

"One for being not good enough" I said in the same tone, tears falling easily as I once again sliced my skin and I sighed in pain.

I pushed the glass even deeper and pulled it across my fore-arm slowly to make the pain worse.

"One for being like this." 

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