Not a normal girl

15 year old reporter Jordan White interviews one direction they instantly want to know more about this girl


1. your assignment is...

(Jordan's pov)

Beep beep beep

The alarm clock has gone off

"10 more minutes" I say to myself

As I try to turn it off I fall out of bed...

"Typical me" I mumble to myself then I remember it's Thursday, work. Uuuuggghhh, I love work and all but my boss and the people I work with are Intense. I get my black skinny jeans, a black top that says "I will carry on partying", a blazer and my black high tops and run out side and into work Witch is literally round the corner from my place.

"Miss white, we were thinking you weren't coming" my boss starts

"Travis, I am 1 minute late!" I state

"Boss to you, white, any way, Davis your on the makeup piece, jones go interview some fashion designer or something, who wants to interview one direction?" Travis says expecting every one to scream

4 girls put there hand up one of them is Travis' niece

"I need someone who won't girl fan at them" he states

So that rules out his niece and Clara it's between me and Miya

"Do you mean fangirl?" I ask

"Yes what you said" he laugh "white! You can interview one direction" he says

I like one direction and stuff but I won't start crying and screaming in there faces when I neat them

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