Pain {poetry}

Poetry about my pain from the past. I wrote this when I was sad and in pain but now I'm okay ^^


1. Pain


It hurts.

The pain is overwhelming.

I can't stand it, it hurts too much.

My heart can't take anymore. It's about to burst.

I want to cry the pain away but where are the tears that are supposed to set my pain at ease?

They are not comming out.

They hide under the darkness in my body.

I want to feel it.

I want to feel a warm stream of tears flowing silently down my cherry pink cheeks.

I want them to fall peacefully and sorrowfully.

I want them to form a pool of sadness.

But nothing comes out.

My pain gets worse and I try to think of other ways.

A sharp blade rides along my wrist.

A river of blood runs down my arm and dripps on the floor leaving a stain.

The pain is scary but the pain in my heart leaves by a little.

I lick the dark red fluid and my mouth is filled up with a metallic flavour.

It tastes weird.

I stop thinking of the shameful blade and try to smile.

"I'm okay don't worry."

I said those words so often I forgot the true meaning behind them.

Before they meant what I said but now I only hear a voice behind those words screaming for help.

This is my sorrow. This is my pain.

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