Love {poetry}

Poetry about my depressing/happy thoughts of love. It is about to never give up even though it's hard!


1. Love


Love what a weird thing.

It's so great but yet it has the power to destroy.

It can make you embarrast. It can also make you happy.

The power of love is overwhelming.

One second you're as happy as you can get. Suddenly the next minnute you're crying. You're hurt and lost.

Love can be easy but for some it is hard.

If it's hard then you should give up.

That should no one tell you.

If it's hard then keep on fighting until you reach your goal.

Keep fighting no matter what!

Until the end we will fight. To honor and Love each other. To stay by each others side. To be one.

Everyone has another part of themself that's only half. But where is the other half?

I don't know.

Go out and find it.

It might be close or it might be far.

You'll find it someday.

Maybe tomorrow or maybe in 30 years.

Just don't give up.

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