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  • Published: 5 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2014
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What happens when Delilahs parents has to go bussines trip for 4moths?Delilah has to move to her mothers Friends house and her mothers friends son is Aidan Ryker the biggest asshole,player,popular,football captain and Delilah is bullied nerd with no friends.


16. Honeymoon

 you guys didn't told me what would be the name of the kid if there is some so i decided it... hehe :D  i hope someone still reads this story... i know it isn't so good, but i try :D


"wakey wakey." Aida's voice woke me up. i felt his soft lips kissing my cheek. "not there.. here." i said pointing my lips still keeping my eyes shut. hes soft lips crashed on mine i felt those amazing sparks what i felt every time. i loved that feeling and i think i will never got enough. i ran my hand trough his soft hair. i noticed that i wasn't in bed i was in someones arms. slowly i pulled away from kiss and opened around i was in Aida's arms he was carrying me and sun was shining  we were out side. the view was strange. "Where are we?" i asked. "in Creese." he said kissing my neck. "lovely." i said. "mmhhh." he said kissing my cheek. "how did we get there??" i said remembering our intimate action in plane and then falling sleep in his arms. "i dressed you up when we landed and carried you,you looked so beautiful when u slept i couldn't woke you." he said brushing his hand softly around my cheek pulling few hairs behind my ears looking me lovingly. "i love you."i said kissing his cheek. "so much." i said and took his head with my both hands looking him. " i love you too."he smiled. "you can let me down now." i said. "i like carrying you." he smirked. "but i'm not baby" i said. "silly." he smiled and let me down gently. my toes touched soft grass i looked around i was in beautiful garden and there wasn't many houses i saw big beautiful house furthher. "there we live." he said taking my hand. we walked around the garden i was admiring the beautiful sea and flowers and my handsome husband. there was little field full of flower. "how cute." i said.he looked me and the hes face turned to smirk and he tightened his hand on my hand and started running me running behind him we ran like little kids in tall flowers. the flowers were almost taller than us. he stopped and turned to me wrapping his arms around my waist. looking me lovingly. "so beautiful." he said. he took flower and putted it behind my ear. i and Aidan surrounded beautiful flowers surrounded by flowers in creese spending our Honeymoon. was this real? this was real. "i love you so much i'm so lucky." he said smiling to me. "i love you too." i said hugging his warm chest. he putted his finger under my chin and smiled to me slowly crashing his lips on mine.

---Aidans pown--

i was swimming in fresh warm water. this place was so beautiful. Delilah was lying under the sun. she was my princes i loved her so much. i never thought that Love would be so strong. shes like my other half, i cant  imagine my life with out her i don't even want to think that.she my everything. i walked out of the water. Delilah looked me. smirk grew on my face. "oh don't you dare, oh no nonononon." Delilah said quickly stood up. she wasn't stupid. "come water with me." i said. "no i'm good thanks." she smirked taking few steps away from me. "don come near you are wet." she said. "oh love,i'm not wet but i know you are." i said. "perv." she laughed shaking her head. i took few steps towards her. "then i will carry you." i said. "but first you have to catch me." she smirked starting to run. i ran trying to catch her,she was always quicker than me.  "getting tired, huh." she laughed while running. "i'm going to catch you." i said. "you wish." she said. we ran to the flower field. i was almost touching her.i jumped bit we both started to fall and she fall on to me. "i got you." i said kissing to of her nose. "did you?" she said. i didn't let her get away from me i twisted us around so now i was on top of her. we looked each others then i noticed that she was only wearing bikinis. i licked my lips and  looked her beautiful body.she just rolled her eyes smirking to me. soon i felt her soft lips on mine. the kiss soon turned to hunger. i sucked and kissed her neck moving slowly to her spot. she let small moan. that turned me on more.i slowly opened her bikinis trowing them next to us. "not her." she said while moaning. "no one will come here." i said moving  to her left breast sucking it hard causing her moan louder. i massaged the other breast.her hands found my swim shorts and i trowed them next to her bikinis. she looked my erection licking her lips and looked to my eyes. i teased her moving my tip around her vagina she let loud moans not liking my teasing. "don't t-" i didn't let her finish  i slammed hard in her. she let loud moan. "faster" she said.i kissed softly her lips while speeding up. i couldn't hold it long i took her left breast to my mouth sucking it. causing her scream in pleasure. "oh don't stop,don't stop." she moaned. i knew she was close too. i felt her walls tight around my dick.


--Delilahs pown---

i felt his warm cum inside me.i smiled breathing fast looking in his beautiful eyes we were covered in sweat "that was amazing." he breathed.i just smiled to him. i dressed my bikinis back and he pulled his shorts back on. we walked to beach. he took my hand and we ran to warm water. we blashed the water to each others like little kids and then he took me by waist bringing me to him and we shared passional kiss. "what do you want to do next?" he asked putting towel around my shoulders. "uumm i dont know maybe we could go to village to buy some food?" i said. "sure." he said. we walked to our little house and i changed my favorite yellow summer dress and dried my hair and took my sandals. Aidan was wearing shorts and light blue.and he looked hot. "sexy." i said. "same to you cupcake." he smiled. "cupcake?" i asked raising my eye brown he just smirked to me.


"i want water meloon!" Aidan said. "be patient." i said. "yeas mummy." he said. "ewwn i'm not your mum." i said. "you are right i don't do those things with my mum." he smirked. "Perv." i said. "i know you love me." he said. "i do." i said and took his hand we were walking to food tables where were different kid of fish,vegetables,fruits in sale. he was carrying our food basket. when we bought food we sat to park bench. "i want ice cream." i said. there was ice cream shop few feet from us. "there, buy me a mango." he said giving me a money. "okay." i said. i walked to behind the ice cream. "how can i help beautiful girl." said boy maybe bit older than me with flirty tone. "one chocolate cream and mango to my husband." i said. hi looked bit embrassed that i was married and he just tried to hit on me. "here you go." i saw Aidan sitting on bench with our food and tree girls wearing bikinis flirting to me but my Aidan wasn't flirting back. "are you alone hottie." they asked. "nope,my beautiful wife is coming soon." he said. "yeah right..wife? really." they said not believing. "don't lie to us.. where is your wife,who is so stupid to leave smocking hot guy like you alone sitting on bench." they said.sluts. "if i'm not married what is this on my finger." he said showing silver ring to theirs face. "here is your ice cream honey." i said sitting next to him. he took ice cream and putted other hand over my shoulder. "thanks cupcake." he said kissing my cheek. those girls face fell and they walked awkwardly away. "who they were?" i asked like i didn't know anything. "some random chicks trying to hit me. but i'm happy with my lovely cupcake." he said.i kissed him and then stole bit from his ice cream. "hey!" he said. "hey to you too." i said. "silly." he said. we walked to home after we walked little around village. i took sandals of my legs. and jumped to sofa. he  walked to kitchen and bring two colas with him. "need help with the food." i asked. "don't worry i already putted them to fridge,here."he said giving me a coke. "thanks.honey." i said.  he sat next to me wrapping hand around me i rested my head to his warm chest. he took tv remoter and opened tv. there came some creese soap opera. "whoa."he laughed to weird tv show. "well lets not watch this." he said changing the chanel. there came  'just go with it' we laughed and kissed. later i felt him caring me to bed. i didn't even notice i fell as sleep. he rested me to bed. and got next to me and wrapped his safe warm around me. "good night honey." i said closing my eyes. "goodnight beautiful he said kissing my cheek. and let the sleep took me. this was all what i wanted and i was so happy and lucky to have it.

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