Your my Protection

A small town girl Kayla Ramone is scarred by the sight of her whole family being ripped to shreds by a pack of goblins. fortunately , she got away .. but not for long . Can someone protect her ? or is there no one left ..


1. The Story

About 3 years ago , a virus was spreading . but not like the flu , or your common cold , this started from someone mixing too many medicines . Instead of overdosing and killing someone, or causing brain damage, a new race was forming . It took the name of goblins .

They Were deformed or mutated humans , so they had human qualities . They were a greyish color, with green warts , scattered across their bodies . Their necks hung down to their chest, and their eyes were freakishly huge . They were about two times bigger than an average human .

These creatures , started feasting on human flesh. This was their new fascination; people . No one , nor no thing , could stop them .

We cannot survive with out food or drink , so every 2 days, our family which consisted of Me; Kayla, My sister Emily, my brother Jonathin, my dad Jason, and my mom Savannah. We are the Ramones , well we were, would go out hunting .

The goblins started the riot three years ago , but my family died about 3 months ago . We were searching for food, like usual . We were hunting , & caught 2 deer and 4 geese , I'm pretty sure. We were shooting our last arrow (because my mom doesnt like using guns) when it happened .

A large one . It looked like a mutated goblin, came up and snapped my mothers neck . Her head went completely backwards & soon just fell to the ground . The goblin laughed . I guess that was a signal or something because after the evil chuckle, 4 more goblins came , doing the same, except fighting over which carcass was theirs , soon ripping the bones apart ; piece by piece .

I shot the main one right in the eye , then the stomach, finally through the chest . 1 down. The second one i took my dads gun that fell to the ground & shot him in the head . 3rd & 4th I did the Same .

I escaped, I dont know how , but now I am far away. I still fear for my life . Every second of every day im scared . but do you know whats worse than being scared ? being lonely. and that's exactly what I am.

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