Twilight [Harry Styles Fanfic]

Bella's story is the same. Just with a different guy. Harry Styles. Don't trust him at school. He's a vampire. He's a styles. Keep your distance. Except Bella. She falls under his spell and falls in love.


1. Possibility

I'm listening to a song after Harry dumped me. Harshly. I'm crying while listening. 'Does he ever come back?' I ask yourself. "There's a possibility." I answer out loud. I sob loudly that dad comes in.


On the first day back, Harry saved my life with the car. I had to stay away though. We've had an un forbidden love. We've played all the time. In the meadow, with Jake, all the time. But that ended. Dad doesn't even know he's a vampire. He can't know.


"Shhh! It's ok, baby. He'll come back." He comforts me. After all we've been through! A miscarriage, an almost wedding, our whole teenage lives! I answer dad, "No! He's not coming back! I know he won't!" I cry loudly again. "There's a possibility." He says.

**Two Years Later**

I am packing up to move away. More like Run Away. Two years since he left me. I can't take it. "Here's the last one," i mumble under my breath. I drop it softly and jump out the window quietly. A hand touches my shoulder. It seems. Different. Cold and different.

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