Long Lost Brother

what happens when Lilly does research on her family and finds out her long lost brother Niall Horan the huge star from one direction is her brother ?!?!? Find out in Long Lost Brother!


1. life will go on

Well i guess i have to live for a little more. Life has very sad ever since i was... Adopted

   im just little but dont get me wrong i am NOT that little im ten.I live with the weirdo im forced to call my mom. the thing that make  my adoption miserable my fake mom and dad got divorced (just like my other family). but im used to this.Mom gets me up in the morning trying to be happy and not already cry.anyway its school now good bye summer. I have never been one to talk so its going to suck.The only two people i know are Hayli Lewis, and Jax Parker here goes nothing.

   the only thing i was happy about was a new friend Morgan the thing is i have a somewhat bully to.Truth is i really like jax and so does hayli. But my sort of bully who jax doesn't even know had to go up and hug him RANDOMLY. Yes you heard right does not even know her UGH. The part that really made me mad thought was she had to say the famous words "hes mine" so i exclaimed "hes not yours just because you chase boys and have lets see... NO LIFE!"  All i could do when i got home was listen to all about that bass so i was board.(But i do love all about that bass thought so it wasent bad.)

   I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket i mite have jumped a little.It was hayli calling up on the family tree project so that everyone will get to know there family better. Hayli knew i didn't really have a family so she and jax came over.I almost cried about a hundred times thinking about my real mom and dad. But i decided to do that family anyway. when we were almost done and we down to me i saw some how there was a mix up. Niall Horan you know from one direction was my big brother?!? 


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