Best Song Ever

This story is about a girl called Alicia. She has a perfect life with her BFF Emma and her family.One day Emma got tickets to a 1D concert,and they had VIP passes.They went to meet 1D,and they all became friends,or 2 of the members became more then friends. P.S youtubers are in this !!!


1. Best Present Ever

Today is my birthday and I am turning 18. I woke up at 12, and texted my BFF Emma to meet me at Starbucks. I put on this purple tank top, some white shorts,and superman converses. I went to brush my teeth and tripped over my sister's (Katilyn) 1D Louis doll. I brushed my teeth and combed my brunette hair. I walked out and scream I'll be back soon! As soon as I stepped outside I bumped into someone. Great way to start your birthday right. I'm sorry it's my fault I got up and he go up too. He ran right away. Weird. I walked across the street to Starbucks. Hey Emma! Hey Alicia HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Aw thanks let's go order. We got our drinks and sat down. Hey Emma when I walked outside I bumped into someone and the got up and ran away. That weird. I know and it was a boy with curly hair. You don't think it was-? Emma don't say his name so loud. You think it was Harry she whispered to me. I don't know its possible. We finished out drink and went to my house. So let's watch TV. ( 6 hours later) Bye Emma see you tonight at 8 for my party! Ok bye. I went to the shower and washed my hair. When I was done I blowdried my hair.I put on this fitted purple dress with some white high heels. I curled my hair and wore this cute silver heart bracelet. Oh honey you look so pretty my mom said. Thank you mom. My little baby girl is growing up. Dad I am just 18. Everyone came and the party was going. The dj played all the 1D songs.Everyone went home at 2, and Emma slept over. We woke up and went downstairs to open my gifts. Mom,Dad, and Katilyn got me a new car!!!!!! Omg you guys this is so amazing! It was Emma's turn. She handed me her present. OMFG ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!!!! WITH VIP PASSES! ( we lived in LA) It's tomorrow! We all went out for lunch at Red Lobsters. Emma went back to her house and We went back home. I went to get my photo synced from my I pad to my IPhone. It took up the rest of the day. When I came home I went to shower and go to bed. I woke up and brushed my teeth and hair. I went downstairs to get my break feast it was chocolate pancakes and so French toast my dad made. When I was done it was 12 the concert was at 6 I had had to get dress at 5 because it take me a while to get ready and it takes 30 minutes to get there. I watched time and before you notice I had to get ready. I showered and brushed my hair. I put on this pink and purple tank top, some black legging shorts, and some plain converses. I put my hair in a ponytail and drove to Emma's house. I beeped and she came out right away. Hey Alicia I printed some directions to the place. Ok thanks. We got there and it was crowded. We got in and it was so loud. The screen said 3,2,1 and everyone started screaming so did we. We had 1st row seats. They came out and started singing Happily which was amazing. They sang so much and it was over. We went to the VIP area and saw them there. They signed our CD and to us to wait in the back. So we did.

Hey guys I hope you like it my other ones aren't really that good I am new at this so please dont hate! I love you guys I need a name for you guys comment. P.S I am having a contest for Liam's and Niall's GF It starts NOW!!!

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