Remember Our Dreams

Andy and Louis were suppose to Stay together forever. So they thought. They've always planned to go to Doncaster's School of Athletics together and soon be on the Doncaster Rovers. Andy on the girls league and Louis on the boys league. All that soon goes to a waste when Louis leaves and doesn't tell Andy. When Andy realizes that maybe he just left cause he didn't love her, she forgets about him and continues to pursue the dream without Louis. What happens though when Louis is brought back into her life and she finds out the real reason why Louis left. Dreams, love, and feelings will be tested and pushed to a whole other level.

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1. chapter 1

"You've got to kick the ball with the inside of your foot Andy" Louis said as he jogged across the field. I roll my eyes as he approaches me.

"See watch" he say demonstrating it to me on the spare foot ball I had put to the side. "Only kick from your tip when your a further away to get more height and it will go further, not when you're that close to the goal" he says

"Lou I know that but-"

"No buts" he interrupts me. He always does this, when ever we are at football practice. I know he's doing it for my own good. He knows way more and especially since he's been attending Doncaster's School of Athletics for two years now for soccer.

"Alright Lou" I grumble under my breath and going to shag my ball and line up at the goal again.

I line it up and Louis stands in front of me and takes position as I do the same.

"Last one?" I ask

"If you make a goal right now well run a lap and then leave, if not we stay an extra hour to run more than a lap" he says

"Come on Lou...."

"Ah ah ah go" he say and kicks the ball between my legs and runs around me to make the ball into the goal.

"Louis what the Fuu- ugh" I yell and turn the other way and start to run to retrieve the ball back

"C'mon Andy if you wanna get out of here" he says. I begin to sprint faster and find myself catching up to him.

I run ahead him and stop in front of him and use the back of my foot to kick the ball back between his legs and I spin around him and begin to catch up to the ball making it to the goal.

"Andy?" He yells coming closer to me

"Shut up" I say and sprint trying to get away from Louis. Thats all I had against him in football, I'm a faster runner than he is. I've always been faster since primary school. We both used to make our miles in at about ten minuets but I took on cross country. Now I run my miles in now six minuets and Lou runs his in the seven thirties or eight minuets, but thats still really good.

I make my way to the goal giving all my energy and and will power to make this damn goal cause I've had it for the day.

I at the 30 yard line and I'm close to the goal. I feel my heart beating faster and my legs were getting really tired. I keep my breathing steady as I push my self more.

Before I could kick the ball I swing my leg back and get a sharp pain down my leg and I grab my thigh and I groan and fall to the ground. "Shit leg cramp" I say as I hit the ground and pull at the turf on the field.

"You've worked your legs to much today" Louis says out of breath kneeling beside me. He grabs my leg and rolls me on my back and slowly pushes my leg in and tightening it and then pulling out to stretch it out.

"You've worked my legs to much today" I snap

"Louis you can't keep working me like this I'm going to break" I sigh

And bite down hard on my lip and he pushes in again.

"Well if you're going to get into DSA

With me then this is going to help you through your try outs next week" he says pulling my leg out

"I know it's ju-"

"And besides" he says cutting me off "You wanna join Doncaster Rovers girl league and I wanna join their guys league we need work harder than we ever have"

He is right, I do want this more than anything, just like Louis. We've always dreamed of joining DSA together and then being on the Doncaster Rovers.

He pushes my leg back in and I feel the cramp beginning to go away again and I sigh in relief and he let's go of my leg and helps me up and I brush the turf off of me.

"I know I know what you mean Louis"

"Alright, then be happy and listen to Louis the football master from Doncaster" he says and I roll my eyes as we shag the rest of the balls together and out then in the bag and went to our bags and drank our water.

"Hey wanna head to subway?" I ask and he nods his head and we both remove our cleats. I change my socks and put on my moccasins and Lou changes to his toms and we gather our belongings and exit the public field and head down the street.

"I feel like you just need to work on your foot work better, but that move you pulled was actually nice" he says

"Thanks Lou but for once could you please just be my boyfriend and not my football coach" I say taking his hand in mine and he squeezes my hand and smiles, as he kisses my cheek and we continue to subway.

I push the doors open and we walk through and stand in the line that only consisted of one other person.

"It's on me" he says and I nod even though I could pay for my own but I'm too tired to argue about that with him.

We both order our usually sandwiches. Me having a BLT with all my others veggies and Louis having his regular Philly cheese steak sub with lettuce and honey mustard. I honestly think it sounds completely nasty but he loves it.

We both grab the small bag of chips and a cup for drinks as the workers finishes up the subs and I grab his cup to get him a cup of water and me power aid as he gets the subs and sits at a booth as I finish getting drinks and I sit down on the other side and he hands me the sub and I give him his drink and we both begin eating. We always come here after we've practiced hard.

"Do you think well actually make it?" He ask out of no where

"Well I think if one of us will and it would be you because you are already a head of the game Louis" I smile. And it's true he's way better than me.

"Nah you'll make it" he says with a mouth full of food and I chuckle and take a napkin and whip the sauce off his lip and he laughs. I can't help but laugh along with him.

He grabs my hand across the table and lightly squeezes it and smile. I can't help but smile taking in his features. I love his blue eyes and his small lips and the way that his hair covers his forehead. Well sometimes I think he should get a hair cut, but if he ever did I'd miss his hair to much.

"You okay?" He ask snapping me out if my thoughts.

"O yeah sorry I was just day dreaming" I chuckle and I let go of his hand as I begin to wrap my sub up. I'll just finish it later.

"Are you full?" He ask

"Yeah, I'm just really tired an my leg is still a bit cramped up"

He wraps up his sub as well and puts them in the bag and we stand up gathering our bags and throw trash away and walk out of the door.

I notice that I'm walking slightly slower than Lou is as we walk back home. My legs are just killing me from all this football we've been playing.

"That bad huh?" He laughs and I nod my head "you'll get used to it here just hop on my back" he says

I keep my bag on my back and then he stands in front of me and I hop on his back happily and he pushes me up a little more and I laugh and I rest my head on his shoulder.

"Better?" He ask

"Much" I smile

I close my eyes and believe it or not I slowly fall asleep letting the comfort of him get to me.

About fifteen minuets later Louis shakes me a little and I open my eyes looking around "Andy were at your house" he says and I lazily hop off and stumble a bit catching my balance.

"Alright so are you coming over tomorrow?" I ask rubbing my eyes.

"Yeah, around twelve so be up and get a good sleep alright I'll call you when I get home" he smiles and presses his lips to mine and we kiss shortly before I pull away and he smirks down at me.

"See ya babe" he says and walks down the steps and waves as he begins to walk to the direction of his house.

I put my key in the door and unlock it and go inside and I take my shoes off and leave them by the door.

"Mum I'm home" I say and head into the kitchen where she is. She half smiles and looks me up and down.

"Andrea why are you dressed like that I told you that the neighbors were coming over for dinner and look at you you're all sweaty and filthy dirty" she says. God it's always like this. I come home from practice and I get nagged. And she knows I hate it when she calls me Andrea.

"Yeah mum I'm gonna have to skip this one" I say taking my bottle of water out of my bag and my sub and placing it on the counter "besides me and Lou went to subway so I'm full"

"But they've been begging to meet you and I hear their son Brendan is single" she says and nudges me and I roll my eyes.

"Mum stop" I say and put my good in the fridge and grabbing a cdef water bottle. " O and Lou is coming over tomorrow were probably going to hang for a bit" I say heading for the stairs

"No your father is coming to see you tomorrow" she says "so that.....that boy isn't coming over here"

"That boys name is Louis, mum you need to stop okay and if he can't come over here then I'm going to his house and there's no way in hell I'm going to see That Man" I say referring to my dad.

"He wants to see you"

"I don't wanna see him" I say and end the conversation by walking up the stairs and going to my room and closing the door behind me.

I go to my drawers and I grab some pajamas. I take out a pair of spandex and grab a shirt of Lou's and a pair of underwear and head to the bathroom taking my phone with just incase Lou calls while I'm in the shower.

I turned the water on and made it a reasonable temperature. I begin to strip and before I could actually get in my phone went off and I wrap the towel around my body and pick up my phone answering it.

"You alright?" I herd Louis hush tone through the phone and I smile.

"Yes Lou"

"Okay good" he says in a much more alive tone. "Where you about to get in the shower?" He ask

"Yeah how'd you know....are you like watching me?" I joke

"No babe I could hear the shower" he chuckles

"Right" I laugh "hey do you think we could meet at your house instead tomorrow?"

"Yeah but why?" He ask confused

"My jerk of a dad is coming over and I just don't wanna see him"

"O I see we could hang at mine, well look babe I'm gonna let you shower since you need to get rest so I'll call you in the morning alright" he say and I nod

"Are you nodding?" He ask

"Yeah sorry" I laugh. I always do that even though I know he can't see me

"Alright see ya" he chuckled

"Bye" I smile and hang up.

I wish we were that couple that says I love you when they hang up. I mean we've been dating for three years now and I know I love him but I don't know about him.

I put my phone to the side and opened the curtain and stepped into the shower. I didn't want to stay in long so I quickly washed my hair and body and got out. I put my shorts and Lou's shirt on and stewing my towel up and went to my bedroom.

I put my phone on the charger and turned the tv on and put on Evil Dead. I love this movie so much I watch it every night to fall asleep on it. Kinda weird I've always know that but I just like it a lot.

I pull the blanket up over my shoulder and I just lay back and watch the movie hoping to fall asleep early.

I close my eyes and I hear scratching at my door and I get up and bend down and smile as I pick up Risky.

"He risk" I say as she happily licks my face. She's a pug and is very old but I still love her.

I stand up and was about to close my door when my mums foot blocked the door.

"Excuse me" I say

"What are you doing you're suppose to be dressed by now" she say frantically

"I'm tired maybe next week I honestly just wanna sleep" I sigh

"What about Brendan?"

"Introduce him to Stella" I say and close the door. I hear her groan and I chuckle and head back to my bed and put Risky next to me. She walks in a little circle getting comfortable and she lasts right by my stomach.

I pull the blanket back up and I lay my head down on the pillows. I start to close my eyes as the sleepiness is getting to me quickly.

Last ting I remember watching on the move was the part where the girl Mia shot her brother and started screaming. Then before I knew it the world around me went

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