Teenage Dirtbag

A Harry Styles Fanfic that will keep you wanting more !
This Story is about Alice Rogers, That moves to a new school because of her fathers job change, that completely changes her life


4. Is this real ?

I felt his soft, delicate lips touch mine, and for at least one second, I felt pure. I felt like this was supposed to happen.

This kiss was no ordinary kiss. It practically changed my life . It lasted for about 5 seconds .We pulled apart, but our eyes still closed . We looked at each other with wide eyes, and our mouths slightly open , From that moment forward, just from one kiss, I fell in love .

We stared for a moment , and then leaned in again. What has gotten into me ? what am i doing ? At that moment, i honestly did not care . I didnt care about school, my parents, what happened earlier, all i cared about was love.

You see now this one, this kiss was a little longer, a little more sincere, more real.

We pulled apart once again.

"I'm uh , I'm sorry. " Harry said , while rubbing his neck and peering down at the floor.

"Oh No, No your fine. " I said , feeling embarrassed while staring at the floor.

[Riiiing , Riiiing ] The house phone was ringing.

"Hello ? " I answered the phone while motioning to Harry to be quiet. my mom would kill me knowing a boy was over at our house , with me, alone.

"Hey Sweety ! Just calling to make sure you made it home safely , Me & Emma are on our way home, well be there in like 40 minutes okay ? Love you ! I have to go. "

"Okay , & I love you too mom ." I answered while hanging up .

"That was your mom wasn't it , " Harry said sarcastically .

"Yes & shes on her way home . "

"Thats okay i needed to head home anyways . Maybe we can do this again sometimes !"

"Yes, definitely . "

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