Teenage Dirtbag

A Harry Styles Fanfic that will keep you wanting more !
This Story is about Alice Rogers, That moves to a new school because of her fathers job change, that completely changes her life


3. Day after day

I was slightly enjoying going on this strange adventure . Same routine, same journey. Harry & I talked a little more, each day.

It was getting around christmas break when my mom & sister were going shopping for a whole day . She knew I would find a way home for transportation but she gave me a little extra money if i needed to ride the bus home or something.

I was & kept thinking to myself .. what am i going to do, this is a town where a lot of criminals live . I mean, almost every town has some bad people in it but this is a popular town for crime ; rape.

I was walking to the bus stop, scared for my life .

I saw a couple of guys with bandanas & a bunch of tattoos standing in a circle. they kept glancing back at me, with an evil smirk on their face. They decided to start walking towards me.

"Hey sl*t!" one man with long hair said to me.

"Thats no way to talk to a woman ! " Another said, while pushing the man with the long hair.

"It goes like this ; Get on your knees b*tch!"

Everyone started to laugh .

I felt a bunch of wind gust by my head, alond with a loud rustling noise .

"Leave her alone.. now." it was Harry .

"What are you going to do about it ?" the long haired guy announced , having a big ego.

Harry revved his engine a few more times .

"Hop in" he stated , and seriously , I had no choice of hesitation.

We sat in complete silence, driving basically in circles .

"So where do you live?" Harry asked, while raising an eyebrow .

"Uhm, turn left , make a right , go about five miles , & turn into a place call- you know ill just tell you when to turn . " I answered.

It took a little while of telling him where to go, but then we finally got home . I was so happy to be at my house , away from everyone, away from drama. I'm not one to start anything, I would rather be at home alone than at a party with my friends.

"This is it , Turn in here. "

"Wow ! This Is your.. House ? This is amazing ! "

"Yeah its my house . Nobody's home so you can come in for a second if you would like ,"

"Okay sure !"

I have him a tour and he was going through my movies after we were finished .

"OH MY GOSH ! You have the extended editions of all of these movies ! How did you get them ! "

Now, extended editions of movies are very rare , you cant find them anymore because the company's thought that they gave away to much, it never left you wondering. So now my dad collects them, or tries to atleast .

"My dad knows a guy. " I said while smirking .

We both sat on the couch & ended up watching The Lord of the rings & the hobbit .

At the end of the movie series, We say there and laughed for no reason what so ever . We both caught each other's attention, when looking into one another's eyes . His were the most beautiful gems color & mine were your ordinary blue .

We sat, and gazed , then finally his warm hand touched my cheek. After realizing what was happening, I noticed him leaning in .

Ahaha cliff hanger ! 3+ likes & at least 3 fans for the next chapter ! Thanks for reading this you guys !

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