Teenage Dirtbag

A Harry Styles Fanfic that will keep you wanting more !
This Story is about Alice Rogers, That moves to a new school because of her fathers job change, that completely changes her life


1. Getting There

"Alice sweety, are you almost ready? You dont want to be late on your first day!" my mom shouted from the room beside mine.

Today was my first day being a senior at Oasis Shores High School. You see, my dad; Anthony Rogers , got a promotion from his work, but in order to receive it, we had to move.

A bright green tube top, stone wash destroyed skinny jeans, black combat boots, & a grey knitted beanie laying over my long ombré hair was what I was wearing on my first day .

"What took you so long ?" my mom screeched with curiosity . "Sorry, I-uh was just doing my hair.." i replied .

We started having a conversation on how to act, & what to do if this happens or what to do if that happens. My mom is a VERY protective over me & my little sister. It took the whole car ride, for her to go over everything for the 50th time.. So I was excited to get there.

We finally arrived at my new school, & my mom walked me to the office. I got my schedule, & a tour around the mansion they call an education center . It was very large, & majestic.. Brick walls all painted different colors, Each doors with different languages written on them, even if it was math. It was some sort of knock off Hogwarts or something.

"So your new here ?" A boy with blonde hair & blue eyes asked.

"Obviously" i mumbled, thinking he didnt hear me.

"I mean in town, even though its a big school, the city we live in is very small." He answered my remark, even though it wasn't a question .

The boy with blonde hair took me to my 1st period, well; our first period.

"Well hello James! And who should this be?" My LA teacher sort of announced .

"Alice, Alice Rogers." I said.

"Well its nice to have you Alice. Take a seat Next to Harry please ! Harry raise your hand."

A boy with long curly locks & gorgeous jade eyes held his arm up.

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